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Capitol Limited Route

StatesDistrict of Columbia (9.5 miles), Illinois (14.5 miles), Indiana (152.3 miles), Maryland (65.1 miles), Ohio (263.9 miles), Pennsylvania (215 miles), Virginia (0.3 miles), West Virginia (81.6 miles)
Length802.1 miles
Passenger serviceAmtrak
 Stop # Passenger stations
 1Chicago Union Station (CHI)
 2South Bend Station (SOB)
 3Elkhart Station (EKH)
 4Waterloo Station (WTI)
 5Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza (Toledo) (TOL)
 6Sandusky Station (SKY)
 7Elyria Station (ELY)
 8Cleveland Lakefront Station (CLE)
 9Alliance Station (ALC)
10Union Station (Pittsburgh) (PGH)
11Connellsville Station (COV)
12Cumberland Station (Maryland) (CUM)
13Martinsburg Station (MRB)
14Harpers Ferry Station (HFY)
15Rockville Station (RKV)
16Washington Union Station (WAS)
Train #'s: 29, 30
29 (WAS => CHI) ← 14 MPH Next station: WTI
30 (CHI => WAS) → 31 MPH Next station: COV
Data as of: ; Updated every 10 minutes
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Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022