United States Rail Subdivisions

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━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
59th Street Subdivision3.1
Altenheim Subdivision4.5
Aurora Subdivision260.8
Barr Subdivision30.1
Barstow Subdivision95.5
Beardstown Subdivision263.1
Belvidere Subdivision63.4
Bloomington District110.6
Blue Island Subdivision16.5
Bluford Subdivision122.9
Boswell Line21.3
Brookfield Subdivision280.9
Brooklyn District109.9
C&M Subdivision87.9
CR&I Ind Track6
Cairo Subdivision45.3
Centralia Subdivision116
Champaign Subdivision123.3
Chester Subdivision170.7
Chicago (AMTK) Subdivision2.1
Chicago (BNSF) Subdivision39.5
Chicago (CN) Subdivision123.9
Chicago (CPRS) Subdivision102
Chicago District151.1
Chicago Line338.3
Chillicothe Subdivision230.2
Danville Line55.5
Danville Secondary41.5
Decatur (CSXT) Subdivision84.8
Dubuque Subdivision144
Effingham Subdivision22.2
Eldorado Subdivision48.9
Elgin Subdivision34.7
Elsdon Subdivision23.2
Fox Lake Subdivision66.6
Freeport Subdivision113.6
Geneva Subdivision138.8
Gilman Subdivision139.1
Godfrey Subdivision40.2
Harvard Subdivision91.6
IHB Main Line41.8
Illinois East Subdivision108.8
Illinois River Subdivision17.7
Illinois Subdivision73.9
Illinois Transfer Subdivision7.9
Indianapolis (INRD) Subdivision153.5
Iowa City Subdivision81.7
Jacksonville Branch10.8
Joliet (CN) Subdivision33.1
Joliet (UP) Subdivision89.7
Kankakee Branch128.6
Kenosha Subdivision77.1
Kenton Line Subdivision24
La Harpe Subdivision101.9
La Salle Subdivision81.2
Lafayette District171.2
Lafayette Line52
Lakefront Subdivision11.3
Leithton Subdivision61.1
MacArthur Bridge Subdivision5.3
Mansfield Branch18.2
Marion Subdivision41.9
Matteson Subdivision46.1
McHenry Subdivision11
Mendota Subdivision121.9
Merchants Subdivision11.1
Milwaukee (UP) Subdivision101.3
Monterey Branch20.9
Monterey Subdivision15.7
Mt Vernon Subdivision86.8
New Rock Subdivision53.8
Northwest Bridge Subdivision2.5
Ottumwa Subdivision42.6
P&I Railroad15.2
Pana Subdivision131.6
Peoria (BNSF) Subdivision50.6
Peoria (CN) Subdivision110.1
Peoria (UP) Subdivision132.6
Peoria Subdivision50.2
Peoria Terminal Subdivision8.8
Pequot Subdivision6.5
Pickneyville Subdivision57.8
Rock Island District40.2
Rock Island District West7
Rock Island Spur13.8
Rockford Subdivision33.5
Rockwell Subdivision4.6
Roodhouse Subdivision89.2
Salem Subdivision64.1
Southern-West District156.7
Southwest Subdivision38.2
Sparta (CN) Subdivision18.9
Sparta (UP) Subdivision28.5
Springfield (KCS)41.9
Springfield (UP) - East St Louis Terminal162.9
Springfield-Hannibal District210.2
St Louis (CN) Subdivision63.5
St. Louis Line219
Troy Grove Subdivision37.4
V&C Belt District5.4
Villa Grove Subdivision135.9
Waukesha (CN) Subdivision149.7
West Sub Subdivision4.3
Western Illinois Subdivision10.7
Woodland Subdivision46.4
Yates City Subdivision41.7


Name Length (miles) 
Blue Water Route318
California Zephyr Route2415.9
Capitol Limited Route802.1
Cardinal Route1160.5
City of New Orleans Route931.9
Empire Builder - Main Route2201.6
Hiawatha Route86.2
Illini and Saluki Route307.9
Illinois Zephyr and Carl Sandburg Route258.2
Lake Shore Limited - Main Route962.8
Lincoln Service Missouri River Runner Route559.9
Lincoln Service Route281.3
Pere Marquette Route176.3
Southwest Chief Route2311.2
Texas Eagle Route1304
Wolverine Route304.5

Passenger stations

Alton Station (Illinois) (ALN)
Carbondale Station (CDL)
Carlinville Station (CRV) Route flag stop
Centralia Station (Illinois) (CEN) Route flag stop
Chicago Union Station (CHI)
Du Quoin Station (DQN)
Dwight Station (DWT)
Effingham Station (EFG) Route flag stop
Galesburg Station (Amtrak) (GBB)
Gilman Station (GLM)
Glenview Station (GLN)
Homewood Station (HMW)
Illinois Terminal (Champaign-Urbana) (CHM)
Joliet Transportation Center (JOL)
Kankakee Station (KKI) Route flag stop
Kewanee Station (KEE)
La Grange Road Station (LAG)
Lincoln Station (Illinois) (LCN)
Macomb Station (MAC)
Mattoon Station (MAT) Route flag stop
Mendota Station (MDT)
Naperville Station (NPV)
Plano Station (PLO)
Pontiac Station (Illinois) (PON)
Princeton Station (Illinois) (PCT)
Quincy Station (Amtrak) (QCY)
Rantoul Station (RTL)
Springfield Station (Illinois) (SPI)
Summit Station (Illinois) (SMT)
Uptown Station (Bloomington-Normal) (BNL)


26th Street Yard
55th St Yard
59th Street Intermodal Yard
Argo Yard
Ashland Ave Yard
Barr Yard
Beardstown Yard
Bensenville Yard
Benton Yard
Bloomington Yard
Blue Island Yard
Burr Oak Yard
Calumet Yard
Centralia (CN) Yard
Cicero Yard
Clearing Yard
Decatur (CN) Yard
Decatur (NS) Yard
Dupo Yard
East Joliet Yard
East Peoria (TPW) Yard
East St Louis Yard
Eola Yard
Galesburg Yard
Glenn Yard
Global 1 West Yard
Global 3 Yard
Hegewisch Automotive Yard
IMX Yard
Joliet Yard
Kankakee (NS) Yard
Landers Yard
Markham Yard
Norpaul Yard
Palestine Yard
Proviso #9 Yard
Proviso Yard
Robinson Yard
Savanna Yard
Springfield (CN) Yard
Tilton Yard
Wallace Yard
Western Ave Yard
Willow Springs Yard
Yard Center


59th Street / Kenton Line Junction
Altenheim / Kenton Line Junction
Altenheim / Waukesha (CN) Junction
Aurora / Barstow Junction
Aurora / Chicago (BNSF) Junction
Aurora / Chicago (CPRS) Junction
Aurora / Dubuque (North) Junction
Aurora / Dubuque (South) Junction
Barr / Blue Island Junction
Barr / Elsdon Junction
Barr / IHB Main Line
Barr / IHB Main Line / Villa Grove Junction
Barstow / La Salle Junction
Barstow / Mendota Junction
Barstow / Rock Island Spur Junction
Beardstown / Brookfield Junction
Beardstown / Centralia / Southern-West District Junction
Beardstown / Jacksonville Branch Junction
Beardstown / Marion Junction
Beardstown / P&I Railroad Junction
Beardstown / Pana Junction
Beardstown / Springfield (UP) Junction
Beardstown / Springfield-Hannibal District Junction
Beardstown / St. Louis Line Junction
Beardstown / Yates City Junction
Belvidere / Geneva Junction
Bloomington District / Gilman Junction
Bloomington District / Illinois East / Peoria Terminal Junction
Bloomington District / Joliet (UP) / Springfield (UP) Junction
Bloomington District / Lafayette District Junction
Bloomington District / Mansfield Branch Junction
Blue Island / CR&I Ind Track / Rockwell Junction
Blue Island / Kenton Line Junction
Bluford / Champaign Junction
Bluford / Eldorado (North) Junction
Bluford / Eldorado (South) Junction
Bluford / P&I Railroad Junction
Boswell / Danville Line Junction
Brookfield / Mendota / Ottumwa Junction
Brookfield / Peoria (BNSF) Junction
Brooklyn District / Decatur (CSXT) / Lafayette District / Peoria (CN) Junction
Brooklyn District / Merchants Junction
Brooklyn District / Monterey Branch Junction
Brooklyn District / Springfield (UP) Junction
Brooklyn District / Springfield-Hannibal District Junction
Brooklyn District / V&C Belt District Junction
C&M / Chicago (AMTK) Junction
C&M / Elgin Junction
C&M / Fox Lake / Waukegan Junction
C&M / Milwaukee (UP) (South) Junction
CR&I Ind Track / Southwest Junction
Cairo / Centralia Junction
Centralia / Champaign Junction
Centralia / Eldorado Junction
Centralia / Pickneyville Junction
Centralia / St Louis (CN) Junction
Champaign / Chicago (CN) Junction
Champaign / Decatur (CSXT) / Pana Junction
Champaign / Effingham Junction
Champaign / Lafayette District Junction
Champaign / Mansfield Branch Junction
Champaign / Peoria (CN) Junction
Champaign / Salem Junction
Champaign / St. Louis Line Junction
Chester / MacArthur Bridge Junction
Chester / Mt Vernon Junction
Chester / Pickneyville Junction
Chester / Sparta (UP) Junction
Chicago (AMTK) / Chicago (BNSF) Junction
Chicago (BNSF) / IHB Main Line Junction
Chicago (BNSF) / Mendota Junction
Chicago (CN) / Chicago District / Kenton Line Junction
Chicago (CN) / Freeport Junction
Chicago (CN) / Gilman Junction
Chicago (CN) / IHB Main Line Junction
Chicago (CN) / Kankakee Branch Junction
Chicago (CN) / Matteson Junction
Chicago (CPRS) / Elgin Junction
Chicago District / Kenton / Southwest Junction
Chicago District / Kenton Line / Villa Grove Junction
Chicago Line / Chicago (AMTK) Junction
Chicago Line / Freeport Junction
Chicago Line / Kenton Line Junction
Chicago Line / Southwest Junction
Chillicothe / Blue Island Junction
Chillicothe / Joliet (UP) Junction
Chillicothe / Kankakee Branch Junction
Chillicothe / Leithton Junction
Chillicothe / Ottumwa Junction
Chillicothe / Peoria (UP) Junction
Chillicothe / Western Illinois Junction
Danville Line / Kankakee Line / Lafayette Line Junction
Danville Line / Lafayette District Junction
Danville Line / Woodland Junction
Danville Secondary / Decatur (CSXT Junction
Dubuque / Freeport Junction
Effingham / Indianapolis (INRD) Junction
Elgin / IHB Main Line / Waukesha (CN) Junction
Elgin / Kenton Line Junction
Elgin / Leithton Junction
Elgin / Northwest Bridge Junction
Elsdon / Kenton Line Junction
Elsdon / Villa Grove
Fox Lake / Waukesha (CN) Junction
Freeport / IHB Main Line
Freeport / Joliet (CN) Junction
Freeport / Leithton Junction
Freeport / Rockford Junction
Geneva / Harvard Junction
Geneva / IHB Main Line
Geneva / Milwaukee (UP) Junction
Geneva / Peoria (UP) Junction
Geneva / Rockwell Junction
Geneva / Troy Grove Junction
Gilman / Peoria (CN) Junction
Gilman / Springfield-Hannibal District Junction
Godfrey / Roodhouse / Springfield (KCS) Junction
Godfrey / Springfield (UP) Junction
Harvard / Kenosha Junction
Harvard / McHenry Junction
Harvard / Milwaukee (UP) Junction
IHB Main Line / Joliet (CN) Junction
IHB Main Line / West Sub Junction
IHB Main Line/ Southwest Junction
Illinois East / Indiana (TPW) Junction
Illinois East / Joliet (UP) Junction
Illinois East / Lafayette Line
Illinois East / Villa Grove Junction
Illinois River / Leithton Junction
Illinois Transfer / MacArthur Bridge Junction
Illinois Transfer / Merchants Junction
Illinois Transfer / Southern-West District Junction
Illinois Transfer / St. Louis Line Junction
Iowa City / Rock Island Spur Junction
Jacksonville Branch / Springfield (KCS) Junction
Joliet (CN) / Joliet (UP) Junction
Joliet (CN) / Kenton Line Junction
Joliet (UP) / Pequot Junction
Joliet (UP) / Rock Island District Junction
Kankakee Branch / Villa Grove Junction
Kenosha / Milwaukee (UP) (South) Junction
Kenton Line / West Sub Junction
La Harpe / Peoria Terminal Junction
La Harpe / Western Illinois Junction
La Salle / New Rock Junction
La Salle / Nitron / Rock Island Spur Junction
La Salle / Peoria Junction
Lafayette District / Villa Grove Junction
Lafayette District / Woodland Junction
Leithton / Matteson Junction
Leithton / Waukesha (CN) Junction
MacArthur Bridge / Springfield (UP) Junction
Marion / Mt Vernon Junction
Matteson / Villa Grove Junction
Milwaukee (UP) / Northwest Bridge Junction
Monterey / Monterey Branch Junction
Monterey / Springfield (UP) Junction
Mt Vernon / Salem Junction
New Rock / Rock Island District Junction
Pana / Salem Junction
Pana / Springfield (UP) Junction
Pana / Villa Grove Junction
Peoria / Peoria Terminal Junction
Peoria Terminal / Peoria (UP) Junction
Rock Island District / Rock Island District West (North) Junction
Rock Island District / Rock Island District West (South) Junction
Salem / St. Louis Line Junction
Southern-West District / V&C Belt District Junction
Sparta (CN) / Sparta (UP) Junction
Sparta (UP) / St Louis (CN) Junction
Springfield (UP) / St Louis (CN) Junction
Springfield-Hannibal District / Springfield (KCS) Junction
Springfield-Hannibal District / Springfield (UP) (North) Junction
Springfield-Hannibal District / Springfield (UP) (South) Junction
Woodland / Villa Grove Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022