United States Rail Subdivisions

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West Virginia

━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
Alleghany Subdivision78.5
Big Coal Subdivision35.6
Big Marsh Fork8.1
Bridgeport Subdivision21.5
Buchanan Branch50.9
Buffalo Subdivision14.9
Cabin Creek Subdivision11.8
Christiansburg District West Roanoke to Bluefield96.2
Coal River53.4
Cowen District115.4
Cumberland Subdivision99.4
Dry Fork Branch45.1
Fairmont Subdivision26.6
G&E Subdivision14.2
Gauley Subdivision7
Gilbert Branch10.9
Guyandot River Branch43.2
Hagerstown District Town to Shenandoah88.7
Island Creek Subdivision11.1
Kanawha Subdivision97.2
Kenova District113.5
Laurel Fork8.8
Lenore Branch21.1
Logan & Southern Subdivision10.7
Logan Subdivision84.2
Loveridge Secondary78.5
Lurgan Subdivision41.5
Miracle Run Branch4.7
Morri Branch19.4
Mountain Subdivision101.8
New River Subdivision75.5
Ohio River Subdivision209.3
Pickens District15.7
Pine Creek Subdivision6.3
Piney Creek Subdivision26.6
Pocahontas District100.1
Pond Fork28.1
Princeton-Deepwater District108
Raleigh Southwestern & Winding Gulf5.3
River Subdivision25.3
Rook Subdivision59.4
Rupert Subdivision7.4
Seth Subdivision10.1
Sewell Valley Subivision43.9
Shenandoah Subdivision50.7
Short Line58.5
Stony River16.3
Thomas Subdivision45.7
Tug Fork Branch13
Wayne Branch32.7
Waynesburg Southern Subdivision25.1
Weirton Secondary8.9
West Fork9.1
West Virginia Secondary244.8
Winding Gulf Branch23.6


Name Length (miles) 
Capitol Limited Route802.1
Cardinal Route1160.5

Passenger stations

Alderson Station (ALD) Flag stop
Charleston Station (West Virginia) (CHW)
Harpers Ferry Station (HFY)
Hinton Station (West Virginia) (HIN)
Huntington Station (West Virginia) (HUN)
Martinsburg Station (MRB)
Montgomery Station (West Virginia) (MNG)
Prince Station (PRC)
Thurmond Station (THN)
White Sulphur Springs Station (WSS)


Coil Yard
Huntington Yard
Kenova Yard
South Charleston Yard
West VA Central Jct Yard
Williamson Yard


Alleghany / New River Junction
Big Coal / Big Marsh Fork Junction
Big Coal / Coal River Junction
Big Coal / Seth Junction
Bridgeport / Cowen District / Mountain Junction
Bridgeport / Short Line Junction
Buchanan Branch / Pocahontas District Junction
Buffalo / Logan Junction
Cabin Creek / Kanawha Junction
Christiansburg District West Roanoke to Bluefield / Pocahontas District Junction
Christiansburg District West Roanoke to Bluefield / Princeton-Deepwater District Junction
Coal River / Kanawha Junction
Coal River / Laurel Fork Junction
Coal River / Pond Fork Junction
Cowen District / Pickens District Junction
Cumberland / Lurgan Junction
Dry Fork Branch / Pocahontas District Junction
Fairmont / Loveridge Secondary Junction
Fairmont / Mountain Junction
G&E / Sewell Valley Junction
Gauley / New River Junction
Gauley / West Virginia Secondary Junction
Gilbert Branch / Guyandot River Branch Junction
Gilbert Branch / Pocahontas District Junction
Guyandot River Branch / Morri Branch Junction
Guyandot River Branch / Princeton-Deepwater District Junction
Hagerstown District / Hagerstown District Town to Shenandoah Junction
Island Creek / Logan & Southern Junction
Island Creek / Logan Junction
Kanawha / Logan Junction
Kanawha / New River Junction
Kanawha / Ohio River Junction
Kenova District / Lenore Branch Junction
Kenova District / Pocahontas District Junction
Kenova District / Wayne Branch Junction
Logan & Southern / Pine Creek Junction
New River / Piney Creek Junction
New River / Sewell Valley Junction
Ohio River / River Junction
Ohio River / Short Line Junction
Ohio River / West Virginia Secondary Junction
Piney Creek / Raleigh Southwestern & Winding Gulf Junction
Pocahontas District / Tug Fork Branch Junction
Pond Fork / West Fork Junction
Princeton-Deepwater District / New River Junction
Princeton-Deepwater District / West Virginia Secondary Junction
Princeton-Deepwater District / Winding Gulf Branch Junction
Raleigh Southwestern & Winding Gulf / Winding Gulf Branch Junction
Rupert / Sewell Valley Junction
Stony River / Thomas Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022