United States Rail Subdivisions

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━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
Baltimore Terminal13
Capital Alexandria Extension8.2
Capital Subdivision29.4
Cumberland Subdivision99.4
Cumberland Terminal6.1
Curtis Bay Branch4.7
Delmarva Secondary119.7
Frederick Branch3.5
Georges Creek Subdivision4.6
Hagerstown District16.6
Hanover Subdivision110.3
Herbert Subdivision19.3
Keystone Subdivision139.4
Landover Subdivision4.8
Lurgan Branch73.7
Lurgan Subdivision41.5
Metropolitan Subdivision56
Mountain Subdivision101.8
Mt Clare Branch2.4
Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA)225.1
Old Main Line59.1
Philadelphia Subdivision91.5
Popes Creek Subdivision46
Port Road Branch84.7
Shenandoah Subdivision50.7
Thomas Subdivision45.7


Name Length (miles) 
Acela Route461.1
Capitol Limited Route802.1
Cardinal Route1160.5
Carolinian Route720.2
Crescent Route1387.7
Northeast Regional Route1034
Palmetto Route880.3
Silver Meteor Route1436.2
Silver Star Route1474.4
Vermonter Route607.9

Passenger stations

Aberdeen Station (Maryland) (ABE)
BWI Rail Station (Baltimore) (BWI)
Cumberland Station (Maryland) (CUM)
New Carrollton Station (NCR)
Penn Station (Baltimore) (BAL)
Rockville Station (RKV)


Bayside Coal Yard
Bayview (NS) Yard
Brunswick Yard
Curtis Bay Yard
Jessup Yard
Mt Clare Yard
Shady Grove Yard


Baltimore Terminal / Capital / Old Main Line Junction
Baltimore Terminal / Curtis Bay Branch / Mt Clare Branch Junction
Baltimore Terminal / Mt Clare Branch Junction
Baltimore Terminal / Philadelphia Junction
Capital / Capital Alexandria Extension Junction
Cumberland / Cumberland Terminal Junction
Cumberland / Metropolitan Junction
Cumberland / Shenandoah Junction
Cumberland Terminal / Keystone Junction
Cumberland Terminal / Mountain Junction
Frederick Branch / Old Main Line (Monocacy) Junction
Georges Creek / Thomas Junction
Hagerstown District / Hagerstown District Town to Shenandoah Junction
Hagerstown District / Lurgan / Lurgan Branch Junction
Hanover / Lurgan Junction
Herbert / Popes Creek Junction
Landover / Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) Junction
Metropolitan / Old Main Line Junction
Mountain / Thomas Junction
Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) / Popes Creek Junction
Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) / Port Road Branch Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022