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Silver Star Route

StatesDelaware (23.1 miles), District of Columbia (7.5 miles), Florida (486.2 miles), Georgia (144.6 miles), Maryland (87.7 miles), New Jersey (58.8 miles), New York (0.9 miles), North Carolina (224.3 miles), Pennsylvania (48.5 miles), South Carolina (205.5 miles), Virginia (184 miles)
Length1474.4 miles
Passenger serviceAmtrak
 Stop # Passenger stations
 1Penn Station (New York City) (NYP)
 2Penn Station (Newark) (NWK)
 3Trenton Transit Center (TRE)
 430th Street Station (Philadelphia) (PHL)
 5Wilmington Station (Delaware) (WIL)
 6Penn Station (Baltimore) (BAL)
 7Washington Union Station (WAS)
 8Alexandria Union Station (ALX)
 9Richmond Staples Mill Road Station (RVR)
10Petersburg Station (PTB)
11Rocky Mount Station (RMT)
12Raleigh Union Station (RGH)
13Cary Station (North Carolina) (CYN)
14Southern Pines Station (SOP)
15Hamlet Station (HAM)
16Camden Station (South Carolina) (CAM)
17Columbia Station (South Carolina) (CLB)
18Denmark Station (DNK)
19Savannah Station (Amtrak) (SAV)
20Jacksonville Station (JAX)
21Palatka Station (PAK)
22DeLand Station (DLD)
23Winter Park Station (WPK)
24Orlando Station (ORL)
25Kissimmee Station (KIS)
26Lakeland Station (LAK, LKL)
27Tampa Union Station (TPA)
28Lakeland Station (LAK, LKL)
29Winter Haven Station (WTH)
30Sebring Station (SBG)
31Okeechobee Station (Amtrak) (OKE)
32West Palm Beach Station (WPB)
33Delray Beach Station (DLB)
34Deerfield Beach Station (DFB)
35Fort Lauderdale Station (FTL)
36Hollywood Station (Florida) (HOL)
37Miami Station (Amtrak) (MIA)
Train #'s: 91, 92
91 (NYP => MIA) ← 0 MPH Next station: SOP
92 (MIA => NYP) ↗ 78 MPH Next station: SAV
Data as of: ; Updated every 10 minutes
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Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022