United States Rail Subdivisions

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New York

━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
Amtrak (New York City)7.3
B&R Subdivision59.2
Babylon Connector7.3
Baldwinsville Subdivision33.5
Bay Ridge Branch12
Beacon Line40.9
Belt Line Branch8.4
Berkshire Subdivision95.4
Binghamton Terminal6.5
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal8.7
Buffalo Line (NS)9.7
Buffalo Line (WNYP)90.8
Buffalo Terminal16.2
Canadian Main Line170.1
Carman Subdivision3.7
Castleton Subdivision8.8
Clarendon and Pittsford Subdivision22.4
Colonie Main Line19
Corning Secondary56.6
Freight Main Line147.9
Freight Main Line South5.6
Fulton Subdivision28.8
Harlem Line77.9
Harlem River Lead1.1
Hellgate Line10.5
Hudson Line164.3
Hudson River Lead2.4
Hudson Secondary17.8
Ithaca Secondary48.8
Kenwood Running Track2.5
Lake Erie District190.8
Lakeshore Subdivision80
Lehigh Secondary59.4
Lockport Subdivision12.1
Main Line (LI)95
Main Line (NYSW)82
Main Line (WNYP)188.4
Middletown Branch2.3
Mohawk Subdivision125
Montauk Branch105.4
Montreal Subdivision21.8
New Haven Line60.7
New York Terminal12.4
Niagara Branch27.2
Norfolk Branch (NYOG)3.5
Ogdensburg Branch (NYOG)24.7
Pascack Valley Line23.1
Patriot Corridor149.1
Port Jefferson Branch33.3
Port Jervis Line65.1
Port Subdivision7.2
Post Road Branch11.9
River Subdivision124.8
Rochester Subdivision133.7
Schodack Subdivision6.7
Selkirk Subdivision32.7
Southern Tier Line (CNYK)126
Southern Tier Line (NS)209.2
St. Lawrence Carthage Branch13.3
St. Lawrence Subdivision159.4
Sycamore Lead1.5
Utica Main87.6
Walden Secondary9.7
West Hempstead Branch4.3
West Shore Branch21.4


Name Length (miles) 
Fremont Secondary8.3


Name Length (miles) 
Acela Route461.1
Adirondack Route381.5
Berkshire Flyer Route191.1
Cardinal Route1160.5
Carolinian Route720.2
Crescent Route1387.7
Empire Service Route466
Ethan Allen Express Route312
Keystone Service Route197.2
Lake Shore Limited - Boston Route200.4
Lake Shore Limited - Main Route962.8
Maple Leaf Route555.5
Northeast Regional Route1034
Palmetto Route880.3
Pennsylvanian Route464.1
Silver Meteor Route1436.2
Silver Star Route1474.4
Vermonter Route607.9

Passenger stations

Albany–Rensselaer Station (ALB)
Amsterdam Station (New York) (AMS)
Buffalo–Depew Station (BUF)
Buffalo–Exchange Street Station (BFX)
Croton–Harmon Station (CRT)
Fort Edward Station (FED)
Hudson Station (New York) (HUD)
Louise M. Slaughter Rochester Station (ROC)
New Rochelle Station (NRO)
New York State Fair Station (NYF) Seasonal stop
Niagara Falls Station (New York) (NFL)
Penn Station (New York City) (NYP)
Plattsburgh Station (PLB)
Port Henry Station (POH)
Port Kent Station (PRK) Seasonal stop
Poughkeepsie Station (POU)
Rhinecliff–Kingston Station (RHI)
Rome Station (New York) (ROM)
Rouses Point Station (RSP)
Saratoga Springs Station (SAR)
Schenectady Station (SDY)
Ticonderoga Station (FTC)
Union Station (Utica, New York) (UCA)
Westport Station (New York) (WSP)
Whitehall Station (WHL)
William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center (Syracuse) (SYR)
Yonkers Station (YNY)


65th Street Yard
Amtrak (NYC) Yard
Buffalo Creek Yard
De Witt Yard
Frontier Yard
Niagara Yard
Oak Point Yard
Olean Yard
Port Jervis Yard
Rochester Yard
Selkirk Yard


Amtrak (New York City) / New York Terminal (East) Junction
Amtrak (New York City) / New York Terminal (West) Junction
B&R / Patriot Corridor Junction
Babylon Connector / Main Line (LI) Junction
Babylon Connector / Montauk Branch Junction
Baldwinsville / Main Line (NYSW) / Mohawk Junction
Bay Ridge Branch / Fremont Secondary Junction
Bay Ridge Branch / Main Line (LI) Junction
Beacon Line / Hudson Line Junction
Beacon Line / Maybrook Line Junction
Belt Line Branch / Buffalo Consolidated Terminal / Buffalo Terminal Junction
Belt Line Branch / Niagara Branch Junction
Belt Line Branch / Sycamore Lead Junction
Berkshire / Castleton / Schodack Junction
Berkshire / Post Road Branch Junction
Binghamton Terminal / Freight Main Line / Main Line (NYSW) Junction
Binghamton Terminal / Freight Main Line South Junction
Binghamton Terminal / Southern Tier Line (NS) / Southern Tier Line (CNYK) Junction
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal / Buffalo Line (NS) Junction
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal / Buffalo Terminal Junction
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal / Lake Erie District Junction
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal / Southern Tier Line (NS) Junction
Buffalo Line (NS) / Buffalo Terminal Junction
Buffalo Line (WNYP) / Main Line (WNYP) Junction
Buffalo Terminal / Lakeshore Junction
Buffalo Terminal / Niagara Branch Junction
Buffalo Terminal / Rochester Junction
Buffalo Terminal / Sycamore Lead Junction
Canadian Main Line / Clarendon and Pittsford Junction
Canadian Main Line / Freight Main Line / Patriot Corridor Junction
Carman / Hudson Line Junction
Carman / Selkirk Junction
Castleton / Port / River Junction
Castleton / Selkirk Junction
Colonie Main Line / Freight Main Line / Patriot Corridor Junction
Colonie Main Line / Hudson Line / Kenwood Running Track Junction
Corning Secondary / Southern Tier Line (NS) Junction
Freight Main Line / Hudson Line Junction
Freight Main Line South / Sunbury Junction
Fremont Secondary / Harlem River Lead Junction
Fremont Secondary / Hellgate Line Junction
Fremont Secondary / New York Terminal Junction
Fulton / St. Lawrence Junction
Harlem Line / Hudson Line Junction
Harlem Line / New Haven Line Junction
Harlem River Lead / Hudson River Lead Junction
Hellgate Line / New Haven Line Junction
Hudson Line / Hudson River Lead Junction
Hudson Line / New York Terminal Junction
Hudson Line / Post Road Branch Junction
Hudson Line / Schodack Junction
Hudson Line / Selkirk Junction
Hudson Secondary / Port Jervis Line Junction
Kenwood Running Track / Port Junction
Lake Shore Limited - Boston / Lake Shore Limited - Main Junction
Lehigh Secondary / Southern Tier Line (NS) Junction
Lockport / Niagara Branch Junction
Main Line (NYSW) / Utica Main Junction
Main Line (WNYP) / Southern Tier Line (NS) Junction
Main Line / Port Jervis Line Junction
Middletown Branch / Port Jervis Line Junction
Mohawk / Rochester Junction
Mohawk / Selkirk Junction
Mohawk / St. Lawrence Junction
Mohawk / Utica Main Junction
Montauk Branch / West Hempstead Branch Junction
Montreal / St. Lawrence Junction
New York Terminal / Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) Junction
Norfolk Branch (NYOG) / Ogdensburg Branch (NYOG) / St. Lawrence Junction
Patriot Corridor / Selkirk Junction
Port Jefferson Branch / Main Line (LI) Junction
Port Jervis Line / Southern Tier Line (CNYK)
Port Jervis Line / Walden Secondary Junction
Rochester / West Shore Branch (East) Junction
Rochester / West Shore Branch (West) Junction
St. Lawrence / St. Lawrence Carthage Branch Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022