United States Rail Subdivisions

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━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
Achan Subdivision7.4
Agricola Spur9.5
Auburndale Subdivision143.6
Bainbridge Subdivision39.5
Bone Valley Subdivision12.9
Brewster Subdivision48.7
Brooker Subdivision39
Brooksville Subdivision49.9
CH Subdivision3.5
Callahan Subdivision20.5
Carters Subdivision11.1
Clearwater Subdivision48.1
Deerhaven Subdivision13.1
Duval Yard Subdivision7.5
Export Lead3.6
Homestead Subdivision30
Jacksonville Terminal30.1
Kingsland Subdivision23.1
Lakeland Subdivision21
Lakeland Winston to Prairie Subdivision9.6
Main Line274.2
Miami (CXST) Subdivision3
Miami (TCCX) Subdivision70.9
Miami Line (FEC)6
Nahunta Subdivision129.7
Navair District64.6
New Line29.9
North End Subdivision38.6
Orlando Subdivision88
P&A Subdivision164.1
PD Subdivision40.6
Palmetto Subdivision35.4
Pensacola Subdivision142.2
Plant City Subdivision11.3
Sanford Subdivision101.3
South End Subdivision12.4
Tallahassee Subdivision189.4
Tampa Terminal19
Valdosta District108.2
Valrico Subdivision46.6
Vitus Subdivision19.7
Wildwood Subdivision155.4
Yeoman Subdivision31.8


Name Length (miles) 
Auto Train Route859.3
Silver Meteor Route1436.2
Silver Star Route1474.4

Passenger stations

DeLand Station (DLD)
Deerfield Beach Station (DFB)
Delray Beach Station (DLB)
Fort Lauderdale Station (FTL)
Hollywood Station (Florida) (HOL)
Jacksonville Station (JAX)
Kissimmee Station (KIS)
Lakeland Station (LAK, LKL)
Miami Station (Amtrak) (MIA)
Okeechobee Station (Amtrak) (OKE)
Orlando Station (ORL)
Palatka Station (PAK)
Sanford Station (Amtrak) (SFA)
Sebring Station (SBG)
Tampa Union Station (TPA)
West Palm Beach Station (WPB)
Winter Haven Station (WTH)
Winter Park Station (WPK)


Baldwin Yard
Central Florida ILC Yard
Hialeah (CSXT) Yard
Hialeah (FEC) Yard
Imroc Yard
Moncrief Yard
New Smyrna Beach Yard
New Wales Yard
Pierce Yard
Pritchard Yard
Rand Yard
Simpson Yard
Taft Yard
Uceta Yard
Winston Yard
Yeoman Yard


Achan / Agricola Spur / Brewster Junction
Achan / Bone Valley Junction
Achan / Valrico Junction
Agricola Spur / Bone Valley Junction
Auburndale / Carters / Orlando Junction
Auburndale / Miami (CSXT) Junction
Bainbridge / Tallahassee Junction
Bone Valley / Lakeland Winston to Prairie Junction
Brewster / Valrico Junction
Brooker / Deerhaven Junction
Brooker / Wildwood Junction
Brooksville / Clearwater Junction
Callahan / Jacksonville Terminal / Tallahassee / Wildwood Junction
Callahan / Nahunta Junction
Carters / CH Junction
Carters / Lakeland / Vitus Junction
Clearwater / Tampa Terminal Junction
Duval Yard / Jacksonville Terminal / Nahunta Junction
Duval Yard / Jacksonville Terminal Junction
Export Lead / Kingsland Junction
Homestead / Miami (TCCX) Junction
Jacksonville Terminal / Kingsland Junction
Jacksonville Terminal / North End / Valdosta District Junction
Jacksonville Terminal / Sanford Junction
Lakeland / Lakeland Winston to Prairie Junction
Lakeland / Tampa Terminal Junction
Lakeland / Yeoman Junction
Main Line / Miami Line (FEC) / South End Junction
Main Line / New Line Junction
Miami (CXST) / Miami (TCCX) Junction
New Line / North End Junction
Orlando / Sanford Junction
P&A / PD Junction
P&A / Tallahassee Junction
PD / Pensacola Junction
Palmetto / Tampa Terminal Junction
Plant City / Valrico Junction
Plant City / Yeoman Junction
Tampa Terminal / Yeoman Junction
Valrico / Yeoman Junction
Vitus / Wildwood Junction
Wildwood / Yeoman Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022