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United States Railroad Subdivisions

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Michigan Line

StatesIndiana (18.6 miles), Michigan (101 miles)
Length237.3 miles
NotesMichigan owns 135 miles of track labeled as AMTK.
Passenger serviceAmtrak
 Owners  Miles 
Amtrak (AMTK) 119.5
Amtrak (AMTK) 112.4
Canadian National Railway (CN) 0.1
Canadian National Railway (CN) 0.3
Conrail Shared Assets Operations (CRCX) 5.4
 Track rights  Miles 
Amtrak (AMTK) 4.9
CSX Transportation (CSXT) 5.4
Canadian National Railway (CN) 0.1
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPRS) 0.7
Grand Elk Railroad (GDLK) 0.1
Jackson and Lansing Railroad (JAIL) 1.3
Norfolk Southern Railway (NS)237.3
Passenger train routes
Blue Water Route
Wolverine Route
Yards Yards
Botsford  Livernois
Jackson  Wayne (NS)
Sidings Miles  Sidings Miles 
Albion 2.6 Lawton 1.3
Buchanan 1.7 Michigan City 1.9
Chelsea 4.2 Niles 1.6
Dowagiac 2.1 Three Oaks 2.1
Glenwood 1.4
Passenger stations
Albion Station (ALI)
Ann Arbor Station (ARB)
Battle Creek Transportation Center (BTL)
Dowagiac Station (DOA)
Jackson Station (JXN)
John D. Dingell Transit Center (Dearborn) (DER)
Kalamazoo Transportation Center (KAL)
Michigan City Station (MCI)
New Buffalo Station (NBU)
Niles Station (NLS)
Chicago Line
North Yard Branch
Shore Line
South Bend
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Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022