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Norfolk Southern Railway

Reporting markNS
━━━━ Subdivision;
3-B North District (O)
3-B South District (O,R)
AGS North District (O)
AGS South District (O)
Aberdeen Subdivision (R,O)
Albany District (O)
Altavista District (O)
Amboy Secondary (R)
Amory Subdivision (R)
Anniston District (O)
Appalachia District (O)
Artesia Subdivision (R)
Asheville District Asheville to Flatrock (O)
Asheville District Asheville to Sylva (O)
Asheville District Salisbury to Murphy Jct (O)
Ashmore Secondary (O)
Atlanta North District (O)
Atlanta South District (O)
Atlantic City Line (R)
Augusta District (O)
Autauga Creek District (O)
Baltimore Terminal (R)
Barr Subdivision (R)
Bay Ridge Branch (R)
Beardstown Subdivision (R)
Beesleys Point Secondary (R)
Belt Line Branch (R)
Belton Subdivision (R)
Bergen County Line (R)
Bergen Subdivision (R)
Berry Branch (O)
Bessemer Subdivision (R)
Big Creek Branch (O)
Binghamton Terminal (R)
Bloomington District (O)
Blue Ridge District Crewe to Roanoke (O)
Bordentown Secondary (R)
Boyles Terminal (R)
Brookfield Subdivision (R,O)
Brooklyn District (O)
Brown Running Track (O)
Brunswick (CSXT) Subdivision (R)
Brunswick District (NS) (O)
Buchanan Branch (O)
Buckeye Branch (O)
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal (O)
Buffalo Line (NS) (O)
Buffalo Line (NS) (O)
Buffalo Terminal (R)
C & F Secondary (O)
CN&L Subdivision (R)
CR&I Ind Track (O)
Cairo Subdivision (O)
Camak (CSXT) Subdivision (R)
Camak District (NS) (O)
Canadian Main Line (R)
Capital Alexandria Extension (R)
Capital Subdivision (R)
Cedartown District (O)
Cement Secondary (O)
Central Subdivision (O)
Central of Georgia District (O)
Centralia Subdivision (R)
Charleston District Charleston to Columbia (O)
Charleston District Hasskamp to Kingville (O)
Charleston District Tirzah to Catawba Jct (O)
Charleston Subdivision (R)
Charlotte District Bowlin to Gebo (O)
Charlotte District Salisbury to Greenville (O)
Charlotte District Spartanburg to Campobello (O)
Charlotte District Washburn to Kings Creek (O)
Charlotte District Yadkin Jct to Albemarle (O)
Charlotte Subdivision (R)
Chattanooga Subdivision (R)
Chemical Coast Secondary (R)
Chesapeake Western Elkton to Dayton (O)
Chesapeake Western Harrisonburg to Bowman (O)
Chesapeake Western Harrisonburg to Pleasant Valley (O)
Chester Secondary (R)
Chicago (AMTK) Subdivision (R)
Chicago (CN) Subdivision (R)
Chicago District (O)
Chicago Line (O)
Chillicothe Subdivision (R)
Christiansburg District West Roanoke to Bluefield (O)
Cincinnati District (R,O)
Cincinnati Terminal (O,R)
City Point Branch (O)
Clairton Branch (R)
Cleveland District (O)
Cleveland Line (O)
Cleveland Short Line (R)
Cleveland Terminal (R)
Clinch Valley District (O)
Clinch Valley Extension (O)
Clover Spur (O)
Cloverdale Branch (O)
Cohutta Subdivision (O)
Columbia District Charlotte to Columbia (O)
Columbia District Columbia to Augusta (O)
Columbia District Columbia to Beaumont (O)
Columbia District Columbia to Edmund (O)
Columbia District Prosperity to Conrad (O)
Columbia Secondary (O)
Columbia Subdivision (R)
Columbus District (O)
Columbus District (O)
Columbus Line (R)
Conemaugh Line (O)
Corning Secondary (O)
Crawfordsville Branch (R)
Creston Subdivision (R)
Curtis Bay Branch (R)
Dale Secondary (O)
Danville District Glenn to Carrboro (O)
Danville District Greensboro to Cumnock West (O)
Danville District Greensboro to Fetner (O)
Danville District High Point to Asheboro (O)
Danville District Montview to Salisbury (O)
Danville District Oxford to East Durham (O)
Danville District Pomona to Rural Hall (O)
Danville District Stokesland to Spray (O)
Danville District Winston-Salem to Charlotte (O)
Dayton District (O)
Decatur (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Delair Branch (R)
Delmarva Secondary (R,O)
Demopolis District (O)
Des Moines Subdivision (R)
Des Moines Terminal (R)
Detroit District (O)
Detroit Line (R,O)
Detroit Subdivision (R,O)
Dismal Creek Branch (O)
Dry Fork Branch (O)
Dublin District (O)
Durham District Kinney Yard to End Of Track (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Chocowinity to New Bern (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Goldsboro to Fetner (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Havelock to Marine Jct (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Lee Creek to Chocowinity (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Morehead City to Goldsboro (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Raleigh to Cumnock (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Varina to Fayetteville (O)
East End District (O)
Eastover Subdivision (R)
Eatonton District (O)
Ellsworth Secondary (O)
Erie West Subdivision (R)
Evansville Branch (O)
Fairbanks District (O)
Fairmont Subdivision (R)
First District CNO&TP (O)
Fort Wayne Line (O)
Fort Wayne Subdivision (R)
Fostoria District (O)
Frankfort Branch-District (O)
Franklin District (O)
Freight Main Line (R)
Freight Main Line South (R)
Gilbert Branch (O)
Gilman Subdivision (R)
Gladstone Branch (R)
Greenville District Anderson to West Union (O)
Greenville District C&G Jct to Piedmont (O)
Greenville District Donaldson Jct to Michelin (O)
Greenville District Greenville to Inman Yard (O)
Greenville District Lula to Center (O)
Greenville Subdivision (R)
Greenville Subdivision (R)
Griffin District (O)
Guyandot River Branch (O)
H Line (O)
Hagerstown District (O)
Hagerstown District Town to Shenandoah (O)
Hamlet Subdivision (R)
Hannibal Subdivision (R)
Harrisburg Line (O)
Hudson Secondary (R)
Hunter Connector (R)
Huntington District (O)
Huron Branch (O)
IHB Main Line (R)
Illinois East Subdivision (R)
Illinois Transfer Subdivision (R)
Indian River Secondary (R)
Indianapolis Line (R)
Indianapolis Terminal (R)
Ithaca Secondary (R)
Jacksonville Terminal (R)
James River Subdivision (R)
Jefferson City Subdivision (R)
KD Subdivision (R)
Kankakee Branch (O)
Kankakee Line (R,O)
Kansas City District (O)
Kenova District (O)
Kenton Line Subdivision (R)
Keystone Branch (NS) (O)
Keystone Corridor (R)
Kingsport Subdivision (R)
Knoxville District BL Line (O)
Knoxville District Bristol Line (O)
Knoxville District Coster Line (O)
Knoxville District Jellico Line (O)
Knoxville District K&A Line (O)
Knoxville District Middlesboro Line (O)
Knoxville District Oakdale Line (O)
Knoxville District River Line (O)
Knoxville District West End (O)
Koppel Secondary (O)
Krannert District (O)
Lafayette District (O)
Lake Erie District (O)
Lakeshore Subdivision (R)
Lehigh Line (O,R)
Lehigh Secondary (O)
Lenore Branch (O)
Lima (CFE) Subdivision (R)
Lima District (O)
Lincoln Secondary (R)
Louisville District (NS) Subdivision (O)
Louisville District (PAL) Subdivision (R)
Loveridge Secondary (O)
Lurgan Branch (O)
M&G District (O)
M&M Subdivision (R)
MacArthur Bridge Subdivision (R)
Macon District (O)
Madison District (O)
Magnolia Subdivision (R)
Main Line (R)
Main Line (WNYP) (R)
Main Tracks (KCTL) Subdivision (R)
Manor Branch (O)
Mansfield Branch (O)
Marceline Subdivision (O,R)
Marion Branch (O)
McComb Subdivision (R)
McCormick Subdivision (R)
Meadville Line (O)
Memphis District East End (O)
Memphis District West End (O)
Merchants Subdivision (R)
Meridian Subdivision (R)
Michigan Line (R)
Middletown Branch (R)
Midland Subdivision (R)
Miracle Run Branch (O)
Mon Line (NS) (O)
Monon Subdivision (R)
Montclair-Boonton Line (R)
Monterey Branch (O)
Moores District (O)
Morri Branch (O)
Morristown Line (R)
Morrisville Connecting Trk (O)
Morrisville Line (CSAO) (R)
Morrisville Line (NS) (O)
NA/West End District (O)
NO&NE District (O)
National Docks Branch (R)
Navair District (O)
Neilson IT (O)
New Castle District (O)
New Castle Secondary (O)
New Castle Subdivision (R)
New Holland Secondary (O)
New Jersey Subdivision (R)
New Orleans Terminal (O)
New River Subdivision (O)
Niagara Branch (R)
Norcross District (O)
Norfolk District Canal Drive to Crewe (O)
Norfolk Terminal (O)
Norristown Line (NS) (O)
North Belt Subdivision (R)
North Jersey Coast Line (R)
North Wateree Spur (R)
North Yard Branch (R)
Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) (R)
Northern Branch (R)
Oasis Subdivision (R)
Ottumwa (BNSF) Subdivision (R)
Pana Subdivision (R)
Pascack Valley Line (R)
Passaic and Harsimus Line (R)
Pemberton Industrial Track (R)
Penns Grove Secondary (R)
Pensacola Subdivision (R)
Peoria Terminal Subdivision (R)
Petersburg Old Line (O)
Philadelphia Subdivision (R)
Piney Creek Subdivision (R)
Pittsburgh Line (NS) (O)
Pocahontas District (O)
Pomeroy Subdivision (R)
Port Jervis Line (R,O)
Port Perry Branch (O)
Port Reading Secondary (R)
Port Road Branch (O)
Portland Secondary (O)
Pottsville Branch (O)
Prattville Branch (R)
Princeton-Deepwater District (O,R)
Pulaski District Walton to Ford (O)
RF&P Subdivision (R)
Raritan Valley Line (R)
Reading Line (O)
Richmond District Burkeville to West Point (O)
River Line (O)
River Line (R)
Roanoke District Junior Avenue to Roanoke (O)
Roanoke Terminal (O)
Rockport Branch (O)
Rockwell Subdivision (R)
Royalton Branch (O)
Salem Subdivision (R)
Sandusky District (O)
Sanford Subdivision (R)
Savannah District (O)
Second District CNO&TP (O)
Shellpot Secondary (O)
Shippensburg Secondary (O)
Shore Line Subdivision (R)
Shreveport Terminal (R)
South Bend Subdivision (R)
South Fork Secondary (O)
Southern Secondary (R)
Southern Tier Line (CNYK) (R)
Southern Tier Line (NS) (O)
Southern-East District (O)
Southern-West District (O)
Southwest Subdivision (R)
Springfield-Hannibal District (O)
St Charles Branch (O)
St Joseph Subdivision (R,O)
St Louis (CN) Subdivision (R)
St Louis District (O)
St. Louis Line (R)
Sterling Secondary Subdivision (R)
Sunbury Subdivision (R)
Thayer South Subdivision (R)
Third District CNO&TP (O)
Thomaston District (O)
Tinker Creek Connection (O)
Toledo District (O)
Toledo Subdivision (R)
Toledo Terminal (R)
Trenton Line (R)
Tug Fork Branch (O)
Urbana Subdivision (R)
V&C Belt District (O)
Valdosta District (O)
Vicksburg Subdivision (R)
Villa Grove Subdivision (R)
Vineland Secondary (R)
Walden Secondary (R)
Washington District Alexandria to Montview (O)
Washington District Calverton to Cassanova (O)
Washington District Manassas to Edinburg (O)
Washington Terminal (R)
Wayne Branch (O)
Waynesburg Southern Subdivision (O)
Weirton Secondary (O)
West Belt Subdivision (R)
West Sub Subdivision (R)
West Tennessee Main (R)
West Virginia Secondary (O,R)
Western Branch (O)
Whitethorne District (O)
Winding Gulf Branch (O)
Winston-Salem District Broadway to Winston-Salem (O)
York Secondary (O)
Youngstown Line (O)
O = Owner, R = Track rights

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022