United States Railroad Subdivisions

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━━━━ Subdivision;
59th Street Subdivision (R)
Abbeville Subdivision (O)
Aberdeen Subdivision (O)
Achan Subdivision (O)
Agricola Spur (O)
Albany District (R)
Alleghany Subdivision (O)
Altenheim Subdivision (O)
Amboy Secondary (R)
Andrews Subdivision (O)
Appalachia District (R)
Atlanta South District (R)
Atlanta Terminal (O)
Atlantic City Line (R)
Auburndale Subdivision (O)
Augusta Subdivision (O)
Autauga Creek District (R)
A&WP Subdivision (O)
Bainbridge Subdivision (R,O)
Baldwinsville Subdivision (O)
Baltimore Terminal (O)
Barr Subdivision (O)
Bay Ridge Branch (R)
Beesleys Point Secondary (R)
Bellwood Subdivision (O)
Belt Line Branch (O)
Belton Subdivision (O)
Berkshire Subdivision (O)
Big Coal Subdivision (O)
Big Marsh Fork (O)
Big Sandy Extension (O)
Big Sandy Subdivision (O)
Birmingham Mineral Huntsville #1 (O)
Birmingham Mineral Subdivision (O)
Blue Island Subdivision (O)
Blue Ridge Subdivision (O)
Bone Valley Subdivision (O)
Bordentown Secondary (R)
Boston Subdivision (O,R)
Boyles Terminal (O)
Brewster Subdivision (O)
Bridgeport Subdivision (O)
Brooker Subdivision (O)
Brooksville Subdivision (O)
Brown Running Track (O)
Bruceton Subdivision (O)
Brunswick (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal (R)
Buffalo Subdivision (O)
Buffalo Terminal (O)
Cabin Creek Subdivision (O)
Callahan Subdivision (O)
Camak (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Capital Alexandria Extension (O)
Capital Subdivision (O)
Carey Subdivision (R)
Carman Subdivision (O)
Carrothers Secondary (O)
Carters Subdivision (O)
Cartersville Subdivision (O)
Castleton Subdivision (O)
CC Subdivision (O)
Charleston District Charleston to Columbia (R)
Charleston District Hasskamp to Kingville (R)
Charleston Subdivision (O)
Charlotte Subdivision (O)
Chattanooga Subdivision (O)
Chemical Coast Secondary (R)
Chester Secondary (R)
Chicago (BNSF) Subdivision (R)
Chicago Line (R)
Chillicothe Subdivision (R)
CH Subdivision (O)
Cincinnati Subdivision (O)
Cincinnati Terminal (O)
Clearwater Subdivision (O)
Cleveland (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Cleveland Short Line (O)
Cleveland Terminal (O)
CL&W Subdivision (O)
CN&L Subdivision (O)
Coal River (O)
Coal Run Subdivision (O)
Columbia District Columbia to Augusta (R)
Columbia Subdivision (O)
Columbus Line (O)
Columbus Subdivision (O)
Concurrent (MBTA) Subdivision (R,O)
Cow Creek Branch (O)
Crawfordsville Branch (O)
Creston Subdivision (O)
Cross Subdivision (O)
Cumberland Subdivision (O)
Cumberland Terminal (O)
Curtis Bay Branch (O)
CV Subdivision (O)
Danville District Greensboro to Fetner (R)
Dayton District (R)
Deerhaven Subdivision (O)
Delair Branch (R)
Detroit District (R)
Detroit Line (R)
Detroit Subdivision (O)
Dothan (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Dothan Subdivision (O)
Duval Yard Subdivision (O)
East Carolina Bus Unit Goldsboro to Fetner (R)
East Carolina Bus Unit Lee Creek to Chocowinity (R)
Eastover Subdivision (O)
Eatonton District (R)
E&BV Subdivision (O)
EK Subdivision (O)
Elsdon Subdivision (O,R)
Erie West Subdivision (O)
Etowah Subdivision (O)
Evansville Terminal (O)
Export Lead (O)
Fairmont Subdivision (O)
Fairmount (MBTA) Subdivision (R)
Fitchburg (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Fitzgerald Subdivision (O)
Flint Subdivision (R)
Framingham Subdivision (O)
Frankfort Branch-District (R)
Frankfort Secondary (O)
Franklin (MBTA) Subdivision (R,O)
Frederick Branch (O)
Fremont (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Fulton Subdivision (R)
Gainesville-Midland Subdivision (O)
Gardner Subdivision (R)
Garrett Subdivision (O)
Gauley Subdivision (O)
Geneva Subdivision (R)
Georges Creek Subdivision (O)
Georgetown Subdivision (O)
Georgia Subdivision (O)
G&E Subdivision (O)
Grand Rapids Subdivision (O)
Grand Rapids Terminal (O)
Greenville Subdivision (R)
Greenwich Subdivision (O)
Griffin District (R)
Hamlet Subdivision (O)
Hamlet Terminal (O)
Hanover Subdivision (O)
Harlem Line (R)
Harlem River Lead (O)
Harrisburg Line (R)
Hartford Line (R)
Hellgate Line (R,O)
Henderson Subdivision (O)
Herbert Subdivision (O)
H Line (R)
Homestead Subdivision (O)
Hopewell Subdivision (O)
Hudson Line (R,O)
Hudson River Lead (O)
Hunter Connector (R)
Huntington District (R)
IHB Main Line (R)
Illinois Subdivision (O)
Illinois Transfer Subdivision (R)
Indiana (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Indianapolis Belt (O)
Indianapolis (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Indianapolis Line (O)
Indianapolis Terminal (O)
Inman Park Belt (O)
Island Creek Subdivision (O)
Jacksonville Terminal (O)
James River Subdivision (O)
Jesup Subdivision (O)
Kanawha Subdivision (O)
Kankakee Branch (R)
Kankakee Line (R)
KD Subdivision (O)
Kenton Line Subdivision (R)
Kenwood Running Track (R)
Keystone Subdivision (O)
Kingsland Subdivision (O)
Kingsport Subdivision (O)
Knoxville District Coster Line (R)
Knoxville District K&A Line (R)
Knoxville District Middlesboro Line (R)
Knoxville District Oakdale Line (R)
Knoxville District West End (R)
Lafayette (BNSF) Subdivision (R)
Lafayette District (R)
Lake Erie District (R)
Lakeland Subdivision (O)
Lakeland Winston to Prairie Subdivision (O)
Lakeshore Subdivision (O)
Landover Subdivision (O)
Lane Subdivision (O)
Laurel Fork (O)
LCL Subdivision (O)
Lehigh Line (R)
LH&STL Subdivision (O)
Lincoln Secondary (R)
Lineville Subdivision (O)
Lockport Subdivision (O)
Logan & Southern Subdivision (O)
Logan Subdivision (O)
Lookout Lead (O)
Louisville District (NS) Subdivision (R)
Louisville Terminal (O)
Loveridge Secondary (R)
Lurgan Branch (R)
Lurgan Subdivision (O)
MacArthur Bridge Subdivision (R)
Macon District (R)
Mainline (O)
Main Line (R)
Main Line (R)
Main Line (NYSW) (R)
Main Line (SEPA) (R)
Main Subdivision (O)
Manchester Subdivision (O)
Manor Branch (R)
Matt Branch (R)
Matteson Subdivision (R)
McCormick Subdivision (O)
Meadville Line (R)
Memphis (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Memphis District East End (R)
Memphis Terminal (O)
Memphis (UP) Subdivision (R)
Metropolitan Subdivision (O)
Miami (CXST) Subdivision (O)
Miami (TCCX) Subdivision (R)
Michigan Line (R)
Middleborough (MBTA) Subdivision (O)
Middletown Subdivision (O)
Miracle Run Branch (R)
M&M Subdivision (O)
Mohawk Subdivision (O)
Mon (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Mon Line (NS) (R)
Monon Subdivision (O)
Monroe Subdivision (O)
Montreal Subdivision (O)
Moores District (R)
Morristown Line (R)
Morrisville Connecting Trk (R)
Morrisville Line (CSAO) (R)
Morrisville Line (NS) (R)
Mountain Subdivision (O)
Mt Clare Branch (O)
Mt Vernon Subdivision (R)
Mt. Victory Subdivision (O)
Nahunta Subdivision (O)
Nashville (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Nashville Terminal (O)
National Docks Branch (R)
Neshaminy Line (R)
New Castle District (R)
New Castle Subdivision (O)
New Haven Line (R)
New Orleans Terminal (R)
New River Subdivision (O)
New Rock Subdivision (O)
Niagara Branch (O)
NO&M Subdivision (O)
Norlina Subdivision (O)
Norristown Line (NS) (R)
Northeast Corridor (CT,MA,RI) (R)
Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) (R)
North End Subdivision (O)
Northern Branch (R)
Northern Subdivision (O)
North Jersey Coast Line (R)
North Wateree Spur (O)
North Yard Branch (R)
Norwich Subdivision (R)
Ohio River Subdivision (O)
Old Colony (MBTA) Subdivision (R)
Old Main Line (O)
Orangeburg Subdivision (O)
Orlando Subdivision (R,O)
Palmetto Subdivision (O)
Pana Subdivision (R)
Parmele Subdivision (O)
Passaic and Harsimus Line (R)
P&A Subdivision (R,O)
PD Subdivision (O)
Pemberton Industrial Track (R)
Peninsula Subdivision (O)
Pennington Gap Branch (O)
Penns Grove Secondary (R)
Pensacola Subdivision (R)
Petersburg Subdivision (O)
Philadelphia Subdivision (O)
Pine Creek Subdivision (O)
Piney Creek Subdivision (O)
Pittsburgh (CSXT) Subdivision (O)
Plant City Subdivision (O)
Plymouth Subdivision (O)
Pomeroy Subdivision (O)
Pond Fork (O)
Poor Fork Branch (O)
Popes Creek Subdivision (O)
Porter Subdivision (O)
Port Huron Subdivision (O)
Port Reading Secondary (R)
Port Road Branch (R)
Portsmouth Subdivision (O)
Port Subdivision (O)
Post Road Branch (R)
Prattville Branch (O)
Princeton-Deepwater District (R)
Raleigh Southwestern & Winding Gulf (O)
Raritan Valley Line (R)
RF&P Subdivision (O)
Richmond & Alleghany Division (R)
Richmond Terminal (O)
Rivanna Subdivision (O)
River Line (R)
River Subdivision (O)
River Subdivision (R)
Rochester Subdivision (O)
Rockhouse Subdivision (O)
Rock Island District (R)
Rockwell Subdivision (R)
Rupert Subdivision (O)
Russell Subdivision (O)
Saginaw Subdivision (O)
Salem Subdivision (R)
Sanford Subdivision (O)
Savannah East Route (O)
Savannah West Route (O)
Schodack Subdivision (O)
Scottslawn Secondary (O)
S & C Subdivision (O)
Selkirk Subdivision (O)
Seth Subdivision (O)
Sewell Valley Subivision (O)
Shelby Subdivision (O)
Shelbyville Secondary (O)
Shenandoah Subdivision (O)
Short Line (O)
S&NA North Subdivision (O)
S&NA South Subdivision (O)
South Bend Subdivision (R)
South End Subdivision (O)
Southern-East District (R)
Southern Secondary (R)
Spartanburg Subdivision (O)
St Charles Branch (R)
Sterling Secondary Subdivision (R)
St. Lawrence Carthage Branch (O)
St. Lawrence Subdivision (O)
St. Louis Line (O)
Stony River (O)
Sycamore Lead (O)
Tallahassee Subdivision (O,R)
Tampa Terminal (O)
Tarboro Subdivision (O)
Terrell Subdivision (O)
Third District CNO&TP (R)
Thomas Subdivision (O)
Thomasville Subdivision (O)
Toledo Branch (O)
Toledo Subdivision (O)
Toledo Terminal (O)
Trenton (Fairless Branch) (O)
Trenton Line (O)
Valrico Subdivision (O)
Villa Grove Subdivision (R,O)
Vineland Secondary (R)
Vitus Subdivision (O)
Vulcraft Lead (O)
Warminster Line (R)
W&A Subdivision (O)
Waukesha (CN) Subdivision (R)
Waynesburg Southern Subdivision (R)
West Fork (O)
West Shore Branch (O)
West Sub Subdivision (R)
West Tennessee Main (R)
West Virginia Secondary (R)
Wildwood Lead (O)
Wildwood Subdivision (O)
Willard Subdivision (O)
Willard Terminal (O)
Wilmington Subdivision (O)
Wilson Subdivision (R)
Wilsonville Branch (O)
Winding Gulf Branch (R)
Woodland Subdivision (O)
W&W Subdivision (O)
Yeoman Subdivision (O)
Youngstown Line (R)
O = Owner, R = Track rights

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022