United States Railroad Subdivisions

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Canadian Pacific Railway

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━━━━ Subdivision;
59th Street Subdivision (R)
Albert Lea Subdivision (R)
Barr Subdivision (R)
Bay Ridge Branch (R)
Belt Line Branch (R)
Bemidji Subdivision (O)
Binghamton Terminal (O)
Buffalo Consolidated Terminal (R)
Buffalo Line (NS) (R)
Buffalo Terminal (R)
C&M Subdivision (O,R)
Canadian Main Line (O)
Carrington Subdivision (O)
Castleton Subdivision (R)
Chicago (AMTK) Subdivision (R)
Chicago (CPRS) Subdivision (O)
Chicago Line (R)
Clarendon and Pittsford Subdivision (R)
Cleveland Short Line (R)
Cleveland Terminal (R)
Clinton (UP) Subdivision (R)
Colonie Main Line (O)
Davenport Subdivision (O)
Detroit District (R)
Detroit Lakes Subdivision (O)
Detroit Line (R)
Dresser Subdivision (R)
Dubuque Subdivision (R)
Elbow Lake Subdivision (O)
Eldridge Subdivision (O)
Elgin Subdivision (O,R)
Elsdon Subdivision (R)
Erie West Subdivision (R)
Fairmont Subdivision (R)
Flint Subdivision (R)
Fox Lake Subdivision (O,R)
Freeport Subdivision (R)
Freight Main Line (O)
Freight Main Line South (O)
Garrett Subdivision (R)
Geneva Subdivision (R)
Glencoe Subdivision (R)
Grand Forks Subdivision (R)
Greenwich Subdivision (R)
Harlem River Lead (R)
Harrisburg Line (R)
Harvard Subdivision (R)
Hellgate Line (R)
Hinckley Subdivision (R)
Hudson Line (R)
Hudson River Lead (R)
Huntington District (R)
Huron Subdivision (O,R)
IHB Main Line (R)
Iowa City Subdivision (R)
Jackson Subdivision (O)
Kankakee Line (R)
Kansas City District (R)
Kansas City Subdivision (O)
Kenton Line Subdivision (R)
Kenwood Running Track (O)
La Salle Subdivision (R)
Lakes Subdivision (R)
Lakeshore Subdivision (R)
Laredo Subdivision (O)
Lehigh Line (R)
Leithton Subdivision (R)
M and P Subdivision (O)
Madison Subdivision (R)
Main Tracks (KCTL) Subdivision (R)
Mankato Subdivision (R)
Marquette Subdivision (O)
Mason City (CPRS) Subdivision (O)
Merriam Park Subdivision (O)
Michigan Line (R)
Midway Subdivision (R)
Milwaukee (UP) Subdivision (R)
Milwaukee (WSOR) Subdivision (R)
Monroe Subdivision (R)
Monticello Subdivision (R)
National Docks Branch (R)
Newtown Subdivision (O)
Niagara Branch (R)
Northern Subdivision (R)
Northwest Bridge Subdivision (O)
Noyes (BNSF) Subdivision (R)
Noyes (CPRS) Subdivision (O)
Osage Subdivision (O)
Ottumwa (CPRS) Subdivision (O)
Owatonna Subdivision (O)
Patriot Corridor (R)
Paynesville Subdivision (O)
Philadelphia Subdivision (R)
Pittsburg Subdivision (O,R)
Pittsburgh Line (NS) (R)
Port Road Branch (R)
Port Subdivision (R)
Portal Subdivision (O)
Reading Line (R)
Reedsburg Subdivision (R)
River Subdivision (O)
Rock Island Spur (R)
Rockford Subdivision (O)
Selkirk Subdivision (R)
Sheldon Subdivision (O)
South Bend Subdivision (R)
Southern Tier Line (NS) (R)
Spokane (UP) Subdivision (R)
St Paul Subdivision (O,R)
Staples Subdivision (R)
Sumas Subdivision (R)
Sunbury Subdivision (O)
Sweet Grass Subdivision (R)
Tomah Subdivision (O)
Tracy Subdivision (O)
Trenton Line (R)
Trenton Subdivision (R)
Valley Subdivision (R)
Veblen Subdivision (O)
Waseca Subdivision (O)
Watertown (CPRS) Subdivision (O)
Watertown (WSOR) Subdivision (R)
Waukesha (CN) Subdivision (R)
Wayzata Subdivision (R)
West Sub Subdivision (R)
Willard Subdivision (R)
Willard Terminal (R)
Withrow Subdivision (O)
O = Owner, R = Track rights

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022