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United States Rivers

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River count425
River miles12,093

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Auger Creek15.315
Au Gres River46.759
Au Gres River - East Branch18.819
Augusta Creek17.718
Au Sable River137.9332
Au Sable River - East Branch17.718
Au Sable River - North Branch3737
Au Sable River - South Branch51.652
Au Train River16.917
Bad River44.2100
Bad River - South Branch24.525
Baldwin River20.134
Baltimore River23.223
Bark River23.724
Battle Creek55
Battle Creek River49.784
Bean Creek46.361
Bear Creek (Black Creek (River Raisin tributary))9.710
Bear Creek (Black Creek (River Raisin tributary))20.220
Bear Creek (Grand River tributary)10.310
Bear Creek (Manistee River tributary)33.233
Bear River14.615
Beaver Creek (Bad River tributary)30.831
Beaver Creek (Ontonagon River - East Branch tributary)15.315
Bellamy Creek9.49
Belle River71.972
Bennet Creek3.94
Betsie River53.954
Big Creek11.512
Big Creek (Au Sable River tributary)4.519
Big Creek - West Branch14.615
Big Iron River27.549
Big Sable River3737
Black Creek (River Raisin tributary)19.950
Black Creek (Tittabawassee River tributary)55
Black River (Cheboygan River tributary)78.7137
Black River - East Branch (Cheboygan River tributary)17.618
Black River (Escanaba River - Middle Branch tributary)15.315
Black River (Lake Superior tributary)3973
Black River - Middle Branch (Southern Lake Michigan tributary)20.420
Black River (Northern Lake Michigan tributary)1111
Black River - South Branch (Southern Lake Michigan tributary)26.627
Black River (Southern Lake Michigan tributary)4.251
Black River (St. Clair River tributary)81163
Boardman River28.270
Boardman River - North Branch27.327
Boardman River - South Branch10.110
Boyne River66
Brandywine Creek9.29
Brevoort River2929
Brule River52.3243
Brush Creek12.813
Buck Creek14.915
Butterfield Creek17.317
Canada Creek16.917
Carl Creek1.52
Carp Lake River10.511
Carp River (Lake Huron tributary)43.544
Carp River (Lake Superior tributary)23.724
Cass River61.6203
Cass River - North Branch28.542
Cass River - South Branch34.134
Cass River - South Fork13.313
Cedar Creek26.426
Cedar River (Intermediate River tributary)11.311
Cedar River (Lake Michigan tributary)67.185
Cedar River - North Branch (Tobacco River tributary)15.516
Cedar River (Tobacco River tributary)2945
Cedar Run Creek10.210
Cheboyganing Creek21.622
Cheboygan River7293
Chippewa River91.9257
Chocolay River21.733
Christiana Creek23.724
Clam River51.251
Clear Fork8.59
Clinton River83.4227
Clinton River - North Branch49.287
Coldwater River (Chippewa River tributary)13.313
Coldwater River (St. Joseph River tributary)29.459
Coldwater River (Thornapple River tributary)25.240
Cooks Run12.513
Coon Creek22.623
Cooper Creek8.38
Crockery Creek44.668
Crockery Creek - North Branch15.716
Crooked River5.612
Crystal River6.36
Dead River4646
Dead Stream11.512
Deer Creek (Jordan River tributary)12.813
Deer Creek (Red Cedar River tributary)13.914
Detroit River27.9163
Dexter Creek15.215
Dickerson Creek2727
Doan Creek1515
Doc and Tom Creek13.614
Dowagiac Creek2121
Dowagiac River23.645
Driggs River36.136
Duck Creek15.115
Duke Creek1313
East Pond Creek15.315
Elk Creek27.227
Escanaba River52.2198
Escanaba River - East Branch14.815
Escanaba River - Middle Branch53.469
Escanaba River - West Branch29.329
Evans Creek14.414
Farmers Creek8.38
Fawn River33.834
Fence River16.461
Fence River - East Branch16.617
Fence River - West Branch14.815
Firesteel River18.318
Fish Creek38.438
Fishdam River16.917
Fisk Creek1.92
Flat River71.2121
Flint River78.3348
Flint River - North Branch23.824
Flint River - South Branch46.855
Flintsteel River19.920
Flower Creek8.38
Ford River108173
Ford River - North Branch35.135
Fortyseven Mile Creek17.417
Fox River36.672
Fox River - East Branch35.135
Galien River3035
Galien River - South Branch55
Gilchrist Creek1414
Glass Creek10.410
Goodings Creek1212
Grand River216.21,215
Grass River2.350
Gull Creek13.614
Gun River15.115
Hasler Creek18.519
Haymeadow Creek17.718
Hazen Creek10.110
Hemlock River1717
Hendrie River22.923
Hersey River13.413
Hickory Creek18.218
High Bank Creek15.115
Hog Creek20.621
Honey Creek7.68
Hopkins Creek11.512
Horton Creek7.98
Hunters Brook17.918
Huron River129.6166
Indian Creek13.413
Indian River (Cheboygan River tributary)3.9102
Indian River (Manistique River tributary)59.459
Intermediate River34.648
Iron Creek11.311
Iron River17.117
Iron River - West Branch21.522
Jackson Creek18.819
Johnson Creek11.812
Jordan River24.942
Jumbo River14.214
Kalamazoo River130.2470
Kalamazoo River - North Branch26.226
Kalamazoo River - South Branch47.548
Kalamink Creek11.812
Kawkawlin River17.553
Kawkawlin River - North Branch35.936
Kearsley Creek47.948
Kids Creek4.44
King Creek14.815
Lacey Creek77
Lake Charlevoix14.470
Lake Leelanau13.834
Laughing Whitefish River19.419
Leland (Carp) River0.835
Libhart Creek16.216
Lime Creek14.214
Lincoln River7.947
Lincoln River - North Branch25.926
Lincoln River - South Branch1313
Little Black River15.415
Little Cedar River5555
Little Manistee River68.769
Little Muskegon River44.175
Little Portage Creek21.421
Little Presque Isle River21.321
Little Rabbit River1111
Little River35.235
Little River Raisin17.117
Little Salt Creek21.622
Little Two Hearted River25.425
Little Wolf Creek17.117
Looking Glass River71.190
Macatawa River20.337
Macatawa River - North Branch10.911
Macon Creek27.366
Macon Creek - North Branch18.819
Macon Creek - South Branch20.220
Manistee River190.3425
Manistee River - North Branch15.215
Manistique River79.2349
Manistique River - West Branch42.9103
Manton Creek1414
Maple River (Grand River tributary)74.3140
Maple River (Indian River (Cheboygan River tributary))26.426
Marsh Creek6.120
McCoy Creek7.98
McGinn Creek14.314
Mebert Creek3.84
Menominee River (Lake Michigan tributary)116.3787
Michigamme River67175
Middle Branch River36.737
Mill Creek (Black River (St. Clair River tributary))33.755
Mill Creek (Huron River tributary)20.921
Mill Creek - North Branch11.812
Mill Creek - South Branch9.49
Minnehaha Creek66
Misery River24.224
Misteguay Creek38.438
Mitchigan River13.614
Molasses River16.917
Montreal River (Gogebic County, MI)53.554
Montreal River (Keweenaw County)26.927
Mud Creek12.713
Muddy Creek9.710
Munuscong River29.143
Munuscong River - East Branch14.214
Murphy Creek21.321
Muskegon River233520
Muskegon River - North Branch733
Muskegon River - West Branch17.518
Net River14.952
Net River - East Branch20.120
Net River - West Branch17.117
Nettle Creek1.31
New River21.622
Norris Creek14.915
North Pine River20.621
Nottawa Creek3434
Nunns Creek5.56
Ocqueoc River37.237
Ontonagon River24.7387
Ontonagon River - Cisco Branch3850
Ontonagon River - East Branch59.389
Ontonagon River - Middle Branch70.7111
Ontonagon River - South Branch33.3113
Ontonagon River - West Branch49.7163
Otter River12.759
Otter River - North Branch23.323
Otter River - West Branch2323
Paint Creek (Clinton River tributary)16.817
Paint Creek (Stony Creek tributary)13.814
Paint River45.5174
Paint River - North Branch17.317
Paint River - South Branch29.542
Paw Paw River76.1100
Paw Paw River - East Branch11.512
Pentwater River10.830
Pentwater River - North Branch19.219
Perch River20.821
Pere Marquette River64176
Pere Marquette River - Big South Branch52.252
Pere Marquette River - Middle Branch25.425
Perry Creek16.416
Peshekee River36.136
Pigeon River (Cheboygan River tributary)47.147
Pigeon River (Lake Huron tributary)39.740
Pigeon River (Lake Michigan tributary)1111
Pigeon River (St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan tributary))20.721
Pinconning River15.616
Pine Creek (Macatawa River tributary)5.76
Pine Creek (Sturgeon River (Menominee River tributary))25.325
Pine River (Chippewa River tributary)104.3104
Pine River - East Branch (Manistee River tributary)8.48
Pine River - East Branch (Van Etten Creek tributary)14.214
Pine River (Lake Huron tributary)44.265
Pine River (Manistee River tributary)53.575
Pine River - North Branch (Manistee River tributary)12.913
Pine River - South Branch (St. Clair River tributary)12.713
Pine River - South Branch (Van Etten Lake tributary)13.213
Pine River (St. Clair River tributary)42.155
Pine River (Van Etten Creek tributary)11.853
Pine River - West Branch (Van Etten Creek tributary)1414
Pine Run19.520
Pinnebog River39.439
Pipestone Creek17.417
Plaster Creek19.219
Platte River32.733
Portage Creek1111
Portage Lake5.1266
Portage River38.639
Prairie Creek23.323
Prairie River55.556
Presque Isle River42.2111
Presque Isle River - East Branch18.919
Presque Isle River - South Branch7.27
Presque Isle River - West Branch21.329
Rabbit River4657
Rainy River23.824
Rapid River1717
Ravine River16.216
Red Cedar River51.1157
Red Cedar River - Middle Branch10.911
Red Cedar River - West Branch14.915
Rice Creek7.135
Rice Creek - North Branch13.213
Rice Creek - South Branch1515
Rifle River61.862
Rio Grande Creek7.98
River Raisin138.7417
River Raisin - South Branch33.674
Rocky River28.328
Rogue River48.562
Rouge River48.2135
Rouge River - Bell Branch1313
Rouge River - Lower Branch29.129
Rouge River - Middle Branch22.131
Rouge River - Upper Branch1427
Sage River9.724
Sage River - East Branch13.914
Saginaw River22.31,389
Saline River45.746
Salt Creek25.826
Salt River19.433
Salt River - North Branch13.313
Sanborn Creek1414
Sand Creek23.223
Sandstone Creek27.628
Sauk River8.79
Sawmill Creek1515
Sebewaing River10.611
Shakey River26.226
Shelldrake River33.534
Shiawassee River120.7822
Shiawassee River - South Branch30.631
Silver Creek (St. Joseph River - East Branch (Maumee River tributary))1919
Silver River (Lake Superior tributary)24.925
Silver River (Sturgeon River (Portage Lake tributary))31.431
Slagle Creek17.718
South Branch River1313
South Ore Creek15.616
Spring Brook27.127
Spruce River10.511
St. Clair River38328
St. Joseph River - East Branch (Maumee River tributary)25.453
St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan tributary)164.7706
St. Joseph River - West Branch - East Fork (Maumee River tributary)1818
St. Joseph River - West Branch (Maumee River tributary)0.834
St. Joseph River - West Branch - West Fork (Maumee River tributary)1515
St. Marys River40.884
Stony Creek (Clinton River tributary)19.633
Stony Creek (Lake Erie tributary)22.236
Stony Creek (Maple River (Grand River tributary))26.927
Stony Creek - West Branch (Clinton River tributary)13.113
Sturgeon River - East Branch (Menominee River tributary)41.241
Sturgeon River (Indian River (Cheboygan River tributary))40.960
Sturgeon River (Lake Michigan tributary)65.666
Sturgeon River (Menominee River tributary)29136
Sturgeon River (Portage Lake tributary)98.5261
Sturgeon River - West Branch (Burt Lake tributary)18.719
Sturgeon River - West Branch (Menominee River tributary)40.541
Sturgeon River - West Branch (Portage Lake tributary)3434
Stutts Creek33.560
Stutts Creek - North Branch26.426
Sucker Creek13.714
Susan Creek5.86
Swan Creek (Marsh Creek tributary)14.114
Swan Creek (St. Joseph River tributary)29.129
Swan River18.519
Swartz Creek33.967
Sycamore Creek26.539
Tacoosh River20.120
Tahquamenon River90.3203
Tahquamenon River - East Branch29.129
Tamarack Creek30.731
Tawas River4.14
Tenderfoot Creek12.212
Tenmile Creek (Ford River tributary)30.230
Tenmile Creek (Ontonagon River - South Branch tributary)15.616
Thornapple River93.9167
Thread Creek32.933
Thunder Bay River76.1287
Thunder Bay River - Lower South Branch31.995
Thunder Bay River - North Branch53.754
Thunder Bay River - Upper South Branch34.935
Tioga River16.817
Tittabawassee River72.4523
Tittabawassee River - East Branch14.715
Tittabawassee River - Middle Branch14.114
Tittabawassee River - West Branch18.819
Tobacco River12.691
Tobacco River - South Branch34.134
Tonquish Creek8.59
Torch River2.169
Town Line Creek17.818
Trout Creek (Ontonagon River - Middle Branch tributary)1717
Trout Creek (Paint Creek (Clinton River tributary))6.57
Trout River8.48
Truax Creek12.913
Two Hearted River23.657
Two Hearted River - North Branch2020
Two Hearted River - West Branch13.814
Van Etten Creek2.155
Vermilion Creek18.919
Victoria Creek (Cedar River)6.26
Wabascon Creek2525
Wabasis Creek14.214
Waiska River15.233
Waiska River - West Branch17.417
Wanadoga Creek21.221
White Creek2.737
White Creek - North Branch22.322
White Creek - South Branch12.212
White Feather Creek1313
Whitefish River11.994
Whitefish River - East Branch16.632
Whitefish River - West Branch32.232
White River83.1109
White River - North Branch25.726
Wilder Creek7.27
Wolf Creek (River Raisin - South Branch tributary)30.430
Wolf Creek (Thunder Bay River - Lower South Branch tributary)17.349
Yellow Dog River35.636
Yuba Creek6.77

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey