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United States Rivers

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River count372
River miles10,297

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Alkali Creek29.530
Antelope Creek2655
Antimony Creek19.820
Argyle Creek28.228
Asay Creek9.838
Ash Creek20.932
Ashley Creek39.597
Ashley Creek - North Fork12.312
Ashley Creek - South Fork14.214
Avintaquin Creek15.636
Avintaquin Creek - South Fork1010
Avintaquin Creek - West Fork10.310
Aztec Creek10.511
Baker Creek20.521
Barrier Creek34.635
Bear Creek (Grassy Trail Creek tributary)12.112
Bear Creek (Sevier River tributary)20.721
Bear River182.5693
Bear River - East Fork10.911
Bear River - West Fork14.815
Beaver Creek (Dolores River tributary)20.521
Beaver Creek (Green River tributary)1.41
Beaver Creek (Logan River tributary)6.67
Beaver Creek - Middle Fork (Henrys Fork tributary)13.714
Beaver Creek (Price River tributary)16.517
Beaver Creek (Sevier River tributary)1313
Beaver Creek (Weber River tributary)19.419
Beaver Creek - West Fork (Henrys Fork tributary)16.116
Beaver River143.5214
Big Brush Creek27.728
Big Cottonwood Creek25.125
Big Creek26.827
Birch Creek (Escalante River tributary)13.729
Birch Creek (Fremont River tributary)21.235
Birch Creek (Henrys Fork tributary)88
Birch Creek (Woodruff Creek tributary)12.813
Bitter Creek (Colorado River tributary)37.638
Bitter Creek (White River (Green River tributary))54.755
Blacks Fork3.292
Blacks Fork - East Fork18.118
Blacks Fork - Middle Fork10.911
Blacks Fork - West Fork21.332
Blacksmith Fork29.540
Boulder Creek - East Fork (Escalante River tributary)14.815
Boulder Creek (Escalante River tributary)25.359
Boulder Creek (Montezuma Creek tributary)10.711
Box Creek13.313
Bridge Creek10.221
Bridger Creek (Bear River tributary)1.82
Brine Creek3.522
Brush Creek21.777
Bull Creek26.527
Bullfrog Creek58.8107
Burnt Fork16.116
Butler Wash (Colorado River tributary)22.823
Butler Wash (San Juan River tributary)30.330
Cart Creek15.315
Carter Creek17.618
Castle Creek (Colorado River tributary)20.320
Castle Creek (San Juan River tributary)29.830
Cedar Creek (Huntington Creek tributary)17.317
Cedar Creek (Sweetwater Creek (Fremont River tributary))18.318
Cha Creek1111
Chalk Creek41.379
Chalk Creek - East Fork10.110
Chalk Creek - South Fork14.314
Chinle Creek53.253
Chriss Creek20.821
City Creek10.210
Clay Creek15.616
Clear Creek15.130
Cliff Creek24.124
Coach (Coates) Creek14.133
Coal Creek (Green River tributary)16.517
Coal Creek (Price River tributary)25.125
Colorado River322.57,174
Cottonwood Creek (Birch Creek (Fremont River tributary))13.413
Cottonwood Creek (Dry Gulch Creek tributary)3232
Cottonwood Creek (Kanab Creek tributary)10.811
Cottonwood Creek (Paria River tributary)30.651
Cottonwood Creek (San Juan River tributary)6478
Cottonwood Creek (San Rafael River tributary)35.160
Cottonwood Creek (Sevier River tributary)11.111
Cottonwood Creek (Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary))1.63
Cottonwood Creek (Weber River tributary)1717
Cow Creek10.410
Coyote Creek27.828
Crane Creek1515
Crouse Creek13.714
Crystal Creek14.414
Cub Creek14.414
Cub River15.917
Currant Creek31.431
Daniels Creek19.920
Davenport Creek10.310
Deep Creek (Fremont River tributary)35.952
Deep Creek (Great Salt Lake tributary)37.738
Deep Creek (Virgin River - North Fork tributary)19.134
Deep Creek (Weber River tributary)10.310
Deer Creek1919
Deer Creek (Sevier River - East Fork tributary)13.814
Desha Creek1010
Dirty Devil River83.6762
Dolores River23110
Dry Fork30.831
Dry Gulch Creek54.7104
Duchesne River137.8716
Duchesne River - West Fork22.523
Dugout Creek (Grassy Trail Creek tributary)1531
Dugout Creek (San Rafael River tributary)18.919
Dugout Creek (Sweetwater Creek (Fremont River tributary))12.913
East Canyon Creek35.447
East McElmo Creek6.36
East Willow Creek19.620
Echo Creek29.841
Escalante River122.1376
Evacuation Creek26.128
Farm Creek16.116
Ferron Creek43.944
Fiftymile Creek1212
Fish Creek (Clear Creek tributary)1515
Fish Creek (Fremont River tributary)9.910
Fisher Creek15.916
Florence Creek17.217
Forest Creek12.112
Fort Pearce Wash1515
Fremont River108.3475
George Creek11.812
Gooseberry Creek13.714
Goose Creek8.130
Gordon Creek8.823
Gordon Creek - North Fork13.814
Gothic Creek27.127
Granite Creek10.711
Grass Creek10.210
Grass Valley Creek1212
Grassy Trail Creek33.6105
Green River402.93,065
Grouse Creek54.360
Gypsum Creek17.518
Hackberry Creek20.120
Halls Creek55.355
Hansen Creek33.449
Hardesty Creek11.311
Hardscrabble Creek11.211
Hayden Fork13.113
Heiners Creek11.111
Henderson Creek14.114
Henrieville Creek18.530
Henrys Fork29.187
Hill Creek77.377
Hop Creek10.722
Horse Creek (Blacks Fork tributary)1.11
Horse Creek (Recapture Creek tributary)13.113
Huff Creek12.813
Hunt Creek432
Hunt Creek - East Fork12.112
Hunt Creek - West Fork15.916
Huntington Creek62.793
Huntington Creek - Left Fork12.513
Icelander Creek1515
Indian Creek (Beaver River tributary)32.254
Indian Creek (Colorado River tributary)64.6108
Indian Creek (Strawberry River tributary)12.613
Ivie Creek21.862
Jack Creek22.923
Jackrabbit Creek5.56
Jackson Creek12.813
Johnson Creek (Raft River tributary)8.38
Johnson Creek (Recapture Creek tributary)15.215
Johnson Wash23.624
Jordan River78.9147
Junction Creek6.16
Junction Creek - South Fork20.120
Kanab Creek48.583
Kanarra Creek1111
Kane Springs Creek29.830
Kolob Creek15.616
LaChapelle Creek0.20
Lake Fork River60.2124
La Sal Creek14.937
Last Chance Creek39.740
Lavender Creek14.915
La Verkin Creek32.833
Lime Creek27.443
Lime Creek - West Fork15.816
Little Bear River33.5162
Little Bear River - East Fork20.621
Little Brush Creek27.427
Little Cottonwood Creek23.323
Little Creek11.211
Little Dolores River7.17
Little Lost Creek10.611
Live Slough3.174
Lodgepole Creek14.114
Logan River51.197
Lost Creek (Sevier River tributary)28.839
Lost Creek (Weber River tributary)30.531
Magotsu Creek16.917
Main Creek16.517
Malad River (Bear River tributary)60.961
Mamie Creek1010
Mammoth Creek28.829
Manning Creek1212
Maple Creek10.310
McElmo Creek19.526
Meadow Creek (Goose Creek tributary)10.911
Meadow Creek (Salina Creek tributary)10.110
Meadow Creek (Willow Creek (Green River tributary))17.317
Mill Creek (Bear River tributary)18.819
Mill Creek (Colorado River tributary)23.760
Mill Creek (Jordan River tributary)19.419
Mill Creek - North Fork (Colorado River tributary)13.313
Mill Creek (Virgin River tributary)11.411
Miller Creek27.641
Minnie Maud Creek1818
Missouri Creek2.32
Montes Creek16.917
Montezuma Creek72.8146
Monument Creek20.420
Moody Creek24.424
Mud Creek12.112
Muddy Creek (Dirty Devil River tributary)116.6204
Muddy Creek (Virgin River - East Fork tributary)17.317
Muley Creek23.924
Navajo Creek (Utah)1010
Nine Mile Creek66.3113
Niotche Creek1414
Nokai Creek1818
North Cottonwood Creek28.529
North Creek17.317
Oak Creek (Sandy Creek tributary)29.129
Oak Creek (San Pitch River tributary)25.726
Oak Creek (Sweetwater Creek (Fremont River tributary))15.616
Oljato Wash27.628
Onion Creek13.514
Otter Creek (Bear River tributary)2525
Otter Creek (Sevier River - East Fork tributary)60.274
Pace Creek15.916
Pack Creek22.823
Panguitch Creek2323
Paria River61.3201
Pennell Creek12.513
Peterson Creek18.318
Pigeon Water Creek22.523
Pilot Creek10.110
Pine Creek (Escalante River tributary)26.927
Pine Creek (Fremont River tributary)13.213
Pine Creek (Sevier River - East Fork tributary)14.214
Pine Creek (Sevier River tributary)12.513
Pioche Creek1818
Piute Creek1824
Pleasant Creek33.734
Poison Creek (Henrys Fork tributary)4.44
Pole Creek15.415
Polk Creek15.716
Pot Creek28.228
Price River151.2433
Professor Creek12.112
Provo Deer Creek11.712
Provo River80.1128
Quitchupah Creek17.528
Quitchupah Creek - North Fork10.811
Raft River10.257
Range Creek3838
Recapture Creek48.877
Red Creek (Green River tributary)11.411
Red Creek (Strawberry River tributary)39.571
Renegade Creek9.519
Roc Creek2.63
Rock Canyon Creek24.925
Rock Creek (Colorado River tributary)17.217
Rock Creek (Duchesne River tributary)44.745
Rock Creek (Grassy Trail Creek tributary)13.614
Rock Creek (Green River tributary)15.315
Ryan Creek9.610
Sage Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)))0.91
Saleratus Creek (Ivie Creek tributary)11.912
Saleratus Creek (Live Slough tributary)28.671
Salina Creek4078
Salt Creek4343
Sand Creek (Escalante River tributary)26.838
Sand Creek (Sulphur Creek (Fremont River tributary))12.412
Sandy Creek34.964
San Juan River189.5823
San Pitch River72.4118
San Rafael River112.5328
Santa Clara River52.882
Sei Billikoon2.63
Serviceberry Creek13.113
Sevenmile Creek10.711
Sevier River3851,420
Sevier River - East Fork91.5305
Sheep Creek (Blacksmith Fork tributary)10.210
Sheep Creek (Green River tributary)19.233
Sheep Creek (Paria River tributary)21.235
Shitamaring Creek15.415
Silver Creek18.418
Silver Falls Creek1327
Silver Falls Creek - North Fork13.714
Slate Creek15.616
Smith and Morehouse Creek10.611
Smith Fork16.717
Smith Run10.811
Smiths Fork - East Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)19.920
Smiths Fork - West Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)9.910
Soldier Creek23.223
South Branch Creek10.410
South Creek (Beaver River tributary)16.316
South Creek (Sevier River - East Fork tributary)10.811
Sowers Creek28.629
Spring Creek (Green River tributary)8.59
Stillwater Fork13.914
Straight Creek11.411
Strawberry Creek13.914
Strawberry River89.1224
Sulphur Creek (Bear River tributary)0.31
Sulphur Creek (Fremont River tributary)19.932
Sulphur Creek (Westwater Creek tributary)18.418
Summit Creek10.611
Summit Creek15.215
Suttons Creek16.216
Swains Creek14.214
Sweetwater Creek (Fremont River tributary)27.274
Sweetwater Creek (Sand Creek (Escalante River tributary))1111
Sweetwater Creek (Sevier River - East Fork tributary)11.111
Swift Creek11.211
Tenmile Creek10.310
Thousand Springs Creek5.96
Tommy Smith Creek14.114
Trachyte Creek20.147
Tsitah Wash15.816
Twelvemile Creek19.419
Twin Creek (Bear River tributary)1.62
Twomile Creek11.411
Uinta River (lower section)4.8108
Uinta River (upper section)51.2114
U M Creek16.216
Upper Valley Creek15.315
Verdure Creek12.613
Virgin River59.8393
Virgin River - East Fork5370
Virgin River - North Fork40.590
Wahweap Creek62.6154
Warm Creek28.239
Wasatch Creek8.740
Weber River123.1406
West Canyon Creek6.39
West Muddy Creek2.83
Westwater Creek13.614
Westwater Creek44.363
West Willow Creek20.821
White Canyon Creek6464
White River (Green River tributary)71.7155
White River (Price River tributary)10.922
White River - Right Fork (Price River tributary)11.411
Whiterocks River31.532
Wildcat Creek21.922
Wild Horse Creek24.925
Willis Creek13.514
Willow Creek (Escalante River tributary)10.711
Willow Creek (Green River tributary)87.3240
Willow Creek (Price River tributary)15.426
Willow Creek (Sevier River tributary)19.119
Willow Creek (Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary))2.53
Willow Creek (Strawberry River tributary)15.415
Woodruff Creek29.943
Worm Creek1.31
Yellow Creek10.511
Yellow Creek13.453
Yellowstone Creek16.717
Yellowstone River13.141

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey