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United States Rivers

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River count249
River miles7,313

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Name Length
Ackler Creek10.611
Allegheny Creek11.111
Amargosa River44.144
Antelope Creek39.940
Antelope Creek (Rock Creek tributary)39.952
Badger Creek11.612
Baker Creek1616
Bartlett Creek17.217
Beaver Creek - East Fork20.721
Beaver Creek (Humboldt River - North Fork tributary)4.454
Beaver Creek (Maggie Creek tributary)12.813
Beaver Creek (Owyhee River tributary)10.711
Beaver Creek - West Fork28.929
Big Cottonwood Creek38.950
Big Creek19.820
Big Pole Creek1414
Bishop Creek30.465
Bluff Creek15.315
Bodie Creek11.423
Boone Creek11.411
Boulder Creek (Humboldt River tributary)40.751
Boulder Creek (Rock Spring Creek tributary)1313
Bruneau River58.9227
Buck Creek10.911
Bull Creek37.252
Burnt Canyon Creek10.210
Burnt Creek19.920
Butterfield Creek14.715
Cain Creek18.129
Calico Creek23.924
Camp Creek18.919
Camp Valley Creek17.818
Canyon Creek22.122
Carson River131.2179
Carson River - East Fork20.821
Carson River - West Fork13.514
Cat Creek4.65
Cedar Creek10.611
Cherry Creek8.99
Chimney Creek (Little Humboldt River tributary)13.113
Chimney Creek (Mitchell Creek tributary)12.212
Circle Creek2222
Clear Creek3535
Clear Creek (Carson River tributary)13.814
Clover Creek40.440
Cloverdale Creek22.322
Coal Mine Creek19.920
Coils Creek35.536
Colorado River146.1521
Columbet Creek6.77
Cottonwood Creek (Cain Creek tributary)11.211
Cottonwood Creek (Herrin Slough tributary)21.522
Cottonwood Creek (Humboldt River - North Fork tributary)10.310
Cottonwood Creek (Huntington Creek tributary)15.415
Cottonwood Creek (Reese River tributary)10.611
Cottonwood Creek (Salmon Falls Creek - South Fork tributary)18.919
Cottonwood Creek (Salmon Falls Creek tributary)13.614
Cow Creek12.412
Coyote Creek13.213
Coyote Wash54.655
Currant Creek (Duckwater Creek tributary)23.924
Currant Creek (T Creek tributary)11.612
Dave Creek10.310
Deep Creek (Owyhee River - South Fork tributary)32.533
Deep Creek (Quinn River tributary)33.954
Deer Creek3.43
Denay Creek2626
Dixie Creek27.828
Dorsey Creek (Jarbidge River tributary)6.46
Dorsey Creek (Pie Creek tributary)2552
Duck Creek8686
Duckwater Creek53.8129
Dun Glen Creek1830
East Walker River68.5107
Foreman Creek15.226
Fourmile Creek39.940
Franklin River45.345
Franktown Creek1111
Galena Creek1111
Gance Creek1818
Gleason Creek18.318
Goose Creek39.699
Hanks Creek17.317
Happy Creek11.512
Hardesty Creek2.93
Henderson Creek34.754
Herrin Slough33.255
Horse Creek13.213
Hot Creek6.118
Hot Creek43.557
Humboldt River474.43,131
Humboldt River - North Fork103.5315
Humboldt River - South Fork39.3303
Huntington Creek63.6158
Hunts Creek41.654
Indian Creek11.311
Indian Creek (Huntington Creek tributary)10.221
Indian Creek - North Fork (Huntington Creek tributary)10.410
Ione Wash79.2102
Italian Creek1616
Jack Creek6.320
Jackstone Creek10.711
Jakes Creek13.126
Jarbidge River17.880
Jarbidge River - East Fork19.630
Juniper Creek55
Kalamazoo Creek10.611
Kelly Creek42.178
Kern Creek14.314
Kings River43.143
Kittridge Creek10.410
Knoll Creek1313
Lake Creek40.440
Lamb Creek10.811
Lamoille Creek40.1119
Leonard Creek30.648
Linka Creek11.712
Little Goose Creek16.817
Little Humboldt River59.6297
Little Humboldt River - North Fork56.156
Little Humboldt River - South Fork42.2108
Little Jack Creek13.213
Little Owyhee River44.5174
Long Valley Creek19.930
Loomis Creek11.512
Lousetown Creek10.110
Lynn Creek10.611
Maggie Creek58.2124
Mahala Creek14.114
Mahogany Creek14.114
Martin Creek52.163
Marys Creek16.617
Marys River93159
Marysville Creek10.511
McDonald Creek12.813
Meadow Creek (Bruneau River tributary)13.113
Meadow Creek (Goose Creek tributary)4.75
Meadow Valley Wash138.4218
Milligan Creek53.766
Mitchell Creek12.525
Muddy River35.6298
Mullinix Creek10.911
Murry Creek12.831
Nelson Creek10.711
Nickel Creek14.414
North Antelope Creek11.612
Owyhee River57.4500
Owyhee River - South Fork93.9416
Pahranagat Wash44.545
Peavine Creek45.646
Pete Hanson Creek19.219
Pie Creek2696
Pilot Creek3131
Pine Creek62.6222
Poison Creek7.98
Pole Creek (Sheep Creek (Bruneau River tributary))2.73
Pole Creek (Tabor Creek tributary)1313
Pony Creek11.812
Quinn River193.2396
Quinn River - South Fork11.311
Rabbit Creek30.931
Rabbit Creek (Kelly Creek tributary)11.411
Rabbithole Creek4444
Rattlesnake Creek10.210
Raven Creek24.525
Red Cow Creek1212
Reed Creek1717
Reese River203.9319
Roberts Creek24.625
Robinson Creek18.631
Robinson Creek - South Fork12.312
Rock Creek (Humboldt River tributary)116.2229
Rock Creek (Martin Creek tributary)11.211
Rock Spring Creek13.550
Rodeo Creek10.110
Rough Creek15.538
Salmon Falls Creek48.5273
Salmon Falls Creek - North Fork18.829
Salmon Falls Creek - South Fork12.192
Secret Creek29.252
Seventysix Creek1212
Sheep Creek (Bruneau River tributary)2.310
Sheep Creek (Humboldt River tributary)32.833
Sheep Creek (Owyhee River - South Fork tributary)30.363
Sheep Creek (Pine Creek tributary)12.212
Sherman Creek1010
Shoshone Creek13.524
Silver Creek15.215
Simon Creek9.320
Sixteenmile Creek14.815
Skull Creek11.311
Slough Creek26.887
Smith Creek15.516
Soldier Creek22.623
Spring Branch24.725
Spring Creek30.531
Spring Creek45.445
Spring Creek (Goose Creek tributary)11.311
Spring Creek (Little Humboldt River tributary)10.310
Spring Creek (Marys River tributary)13.614
Spring Creek (Sheep Creek (Owyhee River - South Fork tributary))11.133
Spring Valley Creek53.464
Squaw Creek11.411
Stag Creek12.212
Starr Creek516
Steamboat Creek24.747
Stephens Creek15.916
Steptoe Creek31.863
Stewart Creek10.611
Stoffer Creek1126
Stoneberger Creek5252
Stump Creek10.911
Sulphur Creek11.812
Sun Creek19.520
Susie Creek36.553
Tabor Creek46.960
Talbot Creek14.327
T Creek23.936
Tenmile Creek18.169
Thorpe Creek1313
Thousand Creek21.257
Thousand Springs Creek85.7147
Three Creek4.116
Tierney Creek11.612
Toe Jam Creek15.816
Town Creek15.415
Trout Creek (Bishop Creek tributary)14.515
Trout Creek (Goose Creek tributary)8.59
Trout Creek (Salmon Falls Creek tributary)27.240
Truckee River83.1160
Tybo Creek13.914
Virgin Creek35.335
Virgin River62.1375
Walker River70.4219
Washburn Creek24.525
West Walker River41.842
White River137.5138
Willow Creek63.163
Willow Creek (Bruneau River tributary)12.112
Willow Creek (Dorsey Creek (Pie Creek tributary))11.812
Willow Creek (Dun Glen Creek tributary)12.412
Willow Creek (Humboldt River tributary)1313
Willow Creek (Huntington Creek tributary)11.612
Willow Creek (Hunts Creek tributary)12.412
Willow Creek (Little Owyhee River tributary)26.665
Willow Creek (Meadow Valley Wash tributary)11.211
Willow Creek (Milligan Creek tributary)12.513
Willow Creek (Rock Creek tributary)3546
Wilson Creek10.410

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey