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Country Code Name Type Parent Subdivision Equivalent Country Code
VU SAM Sanma province  
VU SEE Shéfa province  
VU TAE Taféa province  
VU TOB Torba province  
WS AA A'ana district  
WS AL Aiga-i-le-Tai district  
WS AT Atua district  
WS FA Fa'asaleleaga district  
WS GE Gaga'emauga district  
WS GI Gagaifomauga district  
WS PA Palauli district  
WS SA Satupa'itea district  
WS TU Tuamasaga district  
WS VF Va'a-o-Fonoti district  
WS VS Vaisigano district  
YE AB Abyān governorate  
YE AD 'Adan governorate  
YE AM 'Amrān governorate  
YE BA Al Bayḑā' governorate  
YE DA Aḑ Ḑāli' governorate  
YE DH Dhamār governorate  
YE HD Ḩaḑramawt governorate  
YE HJ Ḩajjah governorate  
YE HU Al Ḩudaydah governorate  
YE IB Ibb governorate  
YE JA Al Jawf governorate  
YE LA Laḩij governorate  
YE MA Ma'rib governorate  
YE MR Al Mahrah governorate  
YE MW Al Maḩwīt governorate  
YE RA Raymah governorate  
YE SA Şan‘ā' [city] municipality  
YE SD Şā‘dah governorate  
YE SH Shabwah governorate  
YE SN Şan‘ā' governorate  
YE TA Tā‘izz governorate  
ZA EC Eastern Cape province  
ZA FS Free State province  
ZA GP Gauteng province  
ZA LP Limpopo province  
ZA MP Mpumalanga province  
ZA NC Northern Cape province  
ZA NW North West province  
ZA WC Western Cape province  
ZA ZN KwaZulu-Natal province  
ZM 01 Western province  
ZM 02 Central province  
ZM 03 Eastern province  
ZM 04 Luapula province  
ZM 05 Northern province  
ZM 06 North-Western province  
ZM 07 Southern province  
ZM 08 Copperbelt province  
ZM 09 Lusaka province  
ZW BU Bulawayo province  
ZW HA Harare province  
ZW MA Manicaland province  
ZW MC Mashonaland Central province  
ZW ME Mashonaland East province  
ZW MI Midlands province  
ZW MN Matabeleland North province  
ZW MS Matabeleland South province  
ZW MV Masvingo province  
ZW MW Mashonaland West province