United States Rail Subdivisions

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Name Length (miles) 
Adams Subdivision110.6
Altoona Subdivision198.6
Ashland Subdivision88.7
Aurora Subdivision260.8
Barron Subdivision44.3
Bradley Subdivision113
C&M Subdivision87.9
Cambria Subdivision26
Channing-Crivitz Subdivision67.3
Chilton Subdivision18.8
Chippewa Falls Subdivision12.3
Clyman Subdivision27.3
Cottage Grove Subdivision9.5
Crivitz-Green Bay Subdivision45.6
Crivitz-Menominee/Marinette Subdivision20.8
Dresser Subdivision25.2
Elkhorn Subdivision11.6
Fox Lake Subdivision66.6
Fox River Subdivision36.5
Harvard Subdivision91.6
Hinckley Subdivision125.2
Kenosha Subdivision77.1
Lakes Subdivision159.3
M and P Subdivision32
Madison Subdivision40.7
Manistique Subdivision272
Manitowoc Subdivision56.4
Markesan Subdivision10.8
Medford Subdivision26.3
Milwaukee (UP) Subdivision101.3
Milwaukee (WSOR) Subdivision50.8
Minneapolis Subdivision123.3
Monroe Subdivision35.2
Neenah Subdivision98.1
New London Subdivision31
Oshkosh Subdivision46.4
Pembine Subdivision74.3
Plover Subdivision20.3
Plymouth Subdivision38.5
Prairie Subdivision97.8
Reedsburg Subdivision53.8
Rockford Subdivision33.5
Saukville Subdivision20.3
Shawano Subdivision43.1
Shoreline Subdivision61.5
St. Croix Subdivision109.4
Superior Subdivision230.2
Tomah Subdivision111.5
Valley Subdivision140.7
Watertown (CPRS) Subdivision98.7
Watertown (WSOR) Subdivision33.1
Waukesha (CN) Subdivision149.7
Waukesha (WSOR) Subdivision43.1
West Bend Subdivision15.3
White Pine Subdivision79.4
Whitehall Subdivision115.8
Winona Subdivision9.9


Name Length (miles) 
Empire Builder - Main Route2201.6
Hiawatha Route86.2

Passenger stations

Columbus Station (CBS)
La Crosse Station (LSE)
Milwaukee Airport Railroad Station (MKA)
Milwaukee Intermodal Station (MKE)
Portage Station (POG)
Sturtevant Station (SVT)
Tomah Station (TOH)
Wisconsin Dells Station (WDL)


Glendale Yard
Janesville Yard


Adams / Altoona Junction
Adams / Clyman Junction
Adams / Milwaukee (UP) / Shoreline Junction
Altoona / Chippewa Falls Junction
Altoona / Valley Junction
Altoona / Winona Junction
Ashland / Bradley Junction
Ashland / White Pine Junction
Aurora / Prairie Junction
Aurora / St. Croix / Tomah Junction
Barron / Bradley / Superior Junction
Bradley / Pembine Junction
Bradley / Valley Junction
C&M / Milwaukee (UP) (North) Junction
C&M / Watertown (CPRS) Junction
Cambria / Milwaukee (WSOR) / Oshkosh Junction
Channing-Crivitz / Crivitz-Green Bay / Crivitz-Menominee/Marinette Junction
Channing-Crivitz / Pembine Junction
Chilton / Manitowoc Junction
Chilton / Plymouth Junction
Cottage Grove / Reedsburg Junction
Cottage Grove / Watertown (WSOR) Junction
Crivitz-Green Bay / Manistique Junction
Crivitz-Menominee/Marinette / Manistique Junction
Elkhorn / Fox Lake Junction
Fox Lake / Monroe Junction
Fox River / Manistique Junction
Fox River / Neenah Junction
Fox River / New London Junction
Fox River / Shawano Junction
Harvard / Madison / Monroe / Rockford Junction
Hinckley / Lakes Junction
Kenosha / Milwaukee (UP) (North) Junction
Lakes / Superior Junction
M and P / Reedsburg Junction
M and P / Watertown (CPRS) Junction
Madison / Waukesha (WSOR) Junction
Manitowoc / Neenah Junction
Markesan / Oshkosh Junction
Medford / Superior Junction
Milwaukee (WSOR) / Saukville Junction
Milwaukee (WSOR) / Watertown (CPRS) Junction
Milwaukee (WSOR) / Waukesha (CN) Junction
Milwaukee (WSOR) / West Bend Junction
Minneapolis / Superior Junction
Neenah / Superior Junction
Neenah / Waukesha (CN) Junction
Plover / Superior Junction
Plover / Valley / Whitehall Junction
Plymouth / Saukville Junction
Prairie / Madison / Reedsburg Junction
St. Croix / Whitehall Junction
Superior / Valley Junction
Tomah / Valley Junction
Tomah / Watertown (CPRS) Junction
Tomah / Winona Junction
Waukesha (CN) / Waukesha (WSOR) Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022