United States Rail Subdivisions

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━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
Ayer Subdivision174
Black Butte Subdivision105
Brooklyn Subdivision165.8
Cascade Subdivision152.9
Elgin Subdivision20.4
Fallbridge Subdivision229.8
Gateway Subdivision203.1
Huntington Subdivision179.6
La Grange Subdivision110.9
Lakeview Subdivision57.2
Modoc Subdivision106.1
Oregon Trunk220.3
Portland Subdivision208.8
Roseburg Subdivision202.3
Siskiyou Subdivision98.5


Name Length (miles) 
Cascades Route499.4
Coast Starlight Route1401.5
Empire Builder - Portland Route375.1

Passenger stations

Albany Station (Oregon) (ALY)
Chemult Station (CMO)
Eugene–Springfield Station (EUG)
Klamath Falls Station (KFS)
Oregon City Station (ORC)
Portland Union Station (PDX)
Salem Station (Oregon) (SLM)


Albany Yard
Albina Yard
Eugene Yard
Hinkle Yard
Huntington Yard
La Grange Yard
Lake Yard
Oakridge Yard
Salem Yard
The Dalles Yard
Willbridge Yard


Ayer / La Grange / Portland Junction
Black Butte / Cascade Junction
Black Butte / Gateway Junction
Black Butte / Modoc Junction
Brooklyn / Cascade Junction
Brooklyn / Portland Junction
Brooklyn / Roseburg Junction
Cascade / Oregon Trunk Junction
Elgin / La Grange Junction
Fallbridge / Portland (North) Junction
Fallbridge / Portland (South) Junction
Huntington / La Grange Junction
Oregon Trunk / Portland Junction
Roseburg / Siskiyou Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022