United States Rail Subdivisions

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━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
AGS South District159.1
Amory Subdivision35.9
Artesia Subdivision197.4
Beaumont Subdivision188.3
Birmingham Subdivision238.8
Bogalusa Subdivision68
Central Subdivision95.5
Columbus Subdivision32.9
Counce Branch17.6
Gulfport Branch68.5
Louisville Subdivision115
Magnolia Subdivision124.9
McComb Subdivision183.7
Memphis (CN) Subdivision22.9
Memphis District West End151.1
Meridian Subdivision141
NO&M Subdivision138.5
NO&NE District196.8
Shelby Subdivision31.5
Taylorsville Subdivision16.7
Tuscaloosa Subdivision78.1
Vicksburg Subdivision171
West Tennessee Main121
Yazoo Subdivision206.6
Yellow Creek Branch10.4


Name Length (miles) 
City of New Orleans Route931.9
Crescent Route1387.7

Passenger stations

Godbold Transportation Center (Brookhaven) (BRH)
Greenwood Station (Mississippi) (GWD)
Hattiesburg Station (HBG)
Hazlehurst Station (HAZ) Flag stop
Laurel Station (Mississippi) (LAU) Flag stop
Marks Station (MKS)
McComb Station (MCB) Flag stop
Picayune Station (PIC) Flag stop
Union Station (Jackson, Mississippi) (JAN)
Union Station (Meridian, Mississippi) (MEI)
Yazoo City Station (YAZ) Flag stop


Amory Yard
Bayou Cassotte Yard
Bell Yard
Hattiesburg Yard
High Oak Yard
Kendrick Yard
North Gulfport Yard
Saratoga Yard


AGS South District / Artesia / Meridian / NO&NE District Junction
Amory / Birmingham Junction
Amory / Columbus Junction
Amory / Magnolia Junction
Amory / Tuscaloosa Junction
Artesia / Birmingham Junction
Artesia / Louisville Junction
Artesia / Memphis District West End Junction
Artesia / Tuscaloosa Junction
Artesia / West Tennessee Main Junction
Beaumont / Gulfport Branch Junction
Beaumont / McComb / Meridian Junction
Beaumont / NO&NE District Junction
Beaumont / Taylorsville Junction
Birmingham / Thayer South Junction
Bogalusa / Central Junction
Central / McComb Junction
Counce Branch / Yellow Creek Branch Junction
Gulfport Branch / NO&M Junction
Louisville / Meridian Junction
McComb / Yazoo Junction
Meridian / Redwood / Vicksburg Junction
Shelby / Yazoo Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022