United States Rail Subdivisions

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Name Length (miles) 
Alexandria (KCS) Subdivision128.2
Alexandria (UP) Subdivision75.7
Anchorage Subdivision23.4
Avoyelles Subdivision12.6
Baton Rouge Subdivision97.5
Bayou Sale Branch5.7
Beaumont (KCS) Subdivision213
Beaumont (UP) Subdivision193.5
Bogalusa Subdivision68
Breaux Bridge Subdivision7.2
Cypremort Branch14.9
Deridder Subdivision38.9
Greenville Subdivision182.3
Hammond Subdivision44.2
Hodge Subdivision110.5
Hope (LAS) Subdivision35.6
Lafayette (BNSF) Subdivision196.8
Lafayette (UP) Subdivision146.5
Lake Charles (UP) Subdivision78
Livonia Subdivision105
Lockport Branch14.5
Lufkin Subdivision228.7
McComb Subdivision183.7
McGehee Subdivision153.3
Midland Branch21.3
Monroe Subdivision101.6
Mop Line4.6
NO&M Subdivision138.5
NO&NE District196.8
New Orleans Subdivision174.7
New Orleans Terminal28.5
Princeton Subdivision27
Reisor Subdivision156.7
Shreveport (KCS) Subdivision213.4
Shreveport (UP) Subdivision62.2
Shreveport Industrial Track4.2
Shreveport Terminal34.9
Vicksburg Subdivision171


Name Length (miles) 
City of New Orleans Route931.9
Crescent Route1387.7
Sunset Limited Route2023.8

Passenger stations

Hammond Station (Louisiana) (HMD)
Lafayette Station (Louisiana) (LFT)
Lake Charles Station (LCH)
New Iberia Station (NIB)
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal (NOL)
Schriever Station (SCH)
Slidell Station (SDL) Flag stop


Alexandria Yard
Avondale (BNSF) Yard
Avondale (UP) Yard
Baton Rouge (CN) Yard
Baton Rouge (KCS) Yard
Destrehan Yard
Gentilly Yard
Hollywood Yard
Lake Hayes Yard
Latanier Yard
Leesville Yard
Livonia Yard
Monroe (KCS) Yard
Monroe (UP) Yard
Monroe Station Yard
South Yard
Stegall Yard


Alexandria (KCS) / Hodge Junction
Alexandria (KCS) / Monroe Junction
Alexandria (KCS) / New Orleans Junction
Alexandria (KCS) / Shreveport (UP) Junction
Alexandria (KCS) / Shreveport Terminal Junction
Alexandria (UP) / Anchorage / Beaumont (UP) / Livonia Junction
Alexandria (UP) / Lake Charles (UP) / Monroe Junction
Anchorage / Avoyelles Junction
Avoyelles / Livonia Junction
Avoyelles / New Orleans Junction
Baton Rouge / Hammond Junction
Baton Rouge / McComb / New Orleans Junction
Baton Rouge / New Orleans Junction
Bayou Sale Branch / Lafayette (BNSF) Junction
Beaumont (KCS) / Beaumont (UP) Junction
Beaumont (KCS) / Shreveport Terminal Junction
Beaumont (UP) / Lake Charles (UP) Junction
Breaux Bridge / Lafayette (BNSF) Junction
Cypremort Branch / Lafayette (BNSF) Junction
Greenville / Shreveport (KCS) / Shreveport Terminal Junction
Hammond / McComb Junction
Hammond / New Orleans Junction
Hodge / Vicksburg Junction
Hope (LAS) / Princeton Junction
Hope (LAS) / Vicksburg Junction
Lafayette (BNSF) / Lafayette (UP) / Lake Charles (UP) Junction
Lafayette (BNSF) / Livonia Junction
Lafayette (BNSF) / Lockport Branch Junction
Lafayette (BNSF) / Midland Branch Junction
Lafayette (BNSF) / Mop Line
Lufkin / Shreveport Industrial Track Junction
Lufkin / Shreveport Terminal Junction
McComb / New Orleans Terminal Junction
McGehee / Monroe / Vicksburg Junction
Monroe / Reisor Junction
NO&NE District / New Orleans Terminal Junction
New Orleans Terminal / NO&M Junction
Princeton / Shreveport (UP) Junction
Shreveport Industrial Track / Reisor Junction
Shreveport Terminal / Shreveport (UP) Junction
Shreveport Terminal / Vicksburg Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022