United States Rail Subdivisions

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━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subdivision;


Name Length (miles) 
Big Sandy Extension4.8
Big Sandy Subdivision125.9
Buchanan Branch50.9
CC Subdivision174
CV Subdivision123.7
Cairo Subdivision45.3
Chiles Subdivision42.1
Cincinnati Subdivision106.8
Cincinnati Terminal59.9
Coal Run Subdivision30.3
E&BV Subdivision37.7
EK Subdivision127
First District CNO&TP112.8
Fulton Subdivision119
Henderson Subdivision145.2
KD Subdivision164.8
Kanawha Subdivision97.2
Kingsport Subdivision133.6
Knoxville District Jellico Line 47
Knoxville District Middlesboro Line63.5
LCL Subdivision101.7
LH&STL Subdivision138.1
Louisville District (NS) Subdivision89.3
Louisville District (PAL) Subdivision123.3
Louisville Terminal14.4
Maxon District9.8
Mayfield District25.6
Northern Subdivision105.9
P&I Railroad15.2
Paducah District100.4
Paris Subdivision48.6
Pocahontas District100.1
Poor Fork Branch20.7
Rockhouse Subdivision44.5
Russell Subdivision7.6
Second District CNO&TP137.4
West Tennessee Main121


Name Length (miles) 
Cardinal Route1160.5
City of New Orleans Route931.9

Passenger stations

Ashland Transportation Center (AKY)
Fulton Station (FTN) Flag stop
Maysville Station (MAY)
South Portsmouth–South Shore Station (SPM)


Corbin Yard
Danville Yard
Osborn Yard
Ravenna Yard
Russell Yard
Shelbyville Mix Center Yard
Youngtown Yard


Big Sandy / Big Sandy Extension Junction
Big Sandy / Coal Run Junction
Big Sandy / Kanawha Junction
Big Sandy / Kingsport Junction
Big Sandy Extension / E&BV Junction
CC / Cincinnati Terminal Junction
CC / EK Junction
CC / KD Junction
CV / KD Junction
CV / Poor Fork Branch Junction
Cairo / Chiles / Fulton / West Tennessee Main Junction
Chiles / Maxon District Junction
Chiles / P&I Railroad Junction
Cincinnati / Cincinnati Terminal Junction
Cincinnati / Northern Junction
Cincinnati Terminal / First District CNO&TP Junction
Cincinnati Terminal / LCL Junction
E&BV / Rockhouse Junction
EK / Rockhouse Junction
First District CNO&TP / Louisville District (NS) Junction
First District CNO&TP / Second District CNO&TP
Henderson / LH&STL Junction
KD / Knoxville District Jellico Line Junction
Kanawha / Russell Junction
LCL / Louisville Terminal Junction
LH&STL / Louisville Terminal Junction
Louisville District (NS) / Louisville District (PAL) Junction
Louisville District (PAL) / Paducah District Junction
Louisville Terminal / Mainline Junction
Maxon District / P&I Railroad Junction
Mayfield District / P&I Railroad / Paducah District Junction
Northern / Russell Junction

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022