United States Railroad Subdivisions

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Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway

Reporting markWE
━━━━ Subdivision;
Akron Subdivision (O)
Brewster Subdivision (O)
Carey Subdivision (O)
Carrollton Branch (O)
Chicago Line (R)
Clairton Branch (O)
Cleveland (WE) Subdivision (O)
Cleveland District (R)
Cleveland Short Line (R)
Columbus Subdivision (R)
Cumberland Subdivision (R)
Cumberland Terminal (R)
East End Branch (O)
Fort Wayne Line (R)
Fostoria District (R)
Greenwich Subdivision (R)
Hartland Subdivision (O)
Huron Branch (R)
Keystone Subdivision (R)
Lima (CFE) Subdivision (R)
Lurgan Subdivision (R)
Main Line (CUOH) Subdivision (R)
Matt Branch (O)
Mifflin Branch (O)
Mon (CSXT) Subdivision (R)
Ohio River Subdivision (R)
Pittsburgh (WE) Subdivision (O)
River Subdivision (O)
Rook Subdivision (O)
Sandusky District (R)
Sandy Branch (O)
Shore Line Subdivision (R)
Toledo District (R)
Valley Subdivision (O)
Willard Terminal (R)
O = Owner, R = Track rights

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022