United States Railroad Subdivisions

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NJ Dept. Of Transportation

Reporting markNJT
━━━━ Subdivision;
Atlantic City Line (O)
Bergen County Line (O)
Delair Branch (R)
Gladstone Branch (O)
Hunter Connector (R)
Lehigh Line (R)
Main Line (O)
Montclair-Boonton Line (O)
Morristown Line (O)
New York Terminal (R)
North Jersey Coast Line (O)
Northeast Corridor (DE-MD-NJ-PA) (O,R)
Pascack Valley Line (O,R)
Pemberton Industrial Track (R)
Port Jervis Line (R)
Princeton Line (O)
Raritan Valley Line (O)
River Line (O)
O = Owner, R = Track rights

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022