United States Railroad Subdivisions

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Indiana and Ohio Railway

Reporting markIORY
━━━━ Subdivision;
Blue Ash Subdivision (O)
Cincinnati Terminal (R)
Columbus Subdivision (R)
DT&I Middle Subdivision (O)
DT&I North Subdivision (O)
DT&I South Subdivision (O)
Dayton District (R)
Flat Rock Subdivision (R)
Greenfield Subdivision (O)
Logan (IORY) Subdivision (O)
Mechanicsburg Subdivision (O)
Midland Subdivision (O)
Northern Subdivision (R)
Oasis Subdivision (O)
Toledo Subdivision (R)
Urbana Subdivision (O)
O = Owner, R = Track rights

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation North American Rail Network Lines March 2022