Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN) (KNA) (659)

ISO 3166-2 Subdivisions

  • Nevis (KN-N)
    • Saint George Gingerland (KN-04)
    • Saint James Windward (KN-05)
    • Saint John Figtree (KN-07)
    • Saint Paul Charlestown (KN-10)
    • Saint Thomas Lowland (KN-12)
  • Saint Kitts (KN-K)
    • Christ Church Nichola Town (KN-01)
    • Saint Anne Sandy Point (KN-02)
    • Saint George Basseterre (KN-03)
    • Saint John Capisterre (KN-06)
    • Saint Mary Cayon (KN-08)
    • Saint Paul Capisterre (KN-09)
    • Saint Peter Basseterre (KN-11)
    • Saint Thomas Middle Island (KN-13)
    • Trinity Palmetto Point (KN-15)

Source: ISO 3166 from Wikipedia retrieved February 14, 2013
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