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Country Code Name Type Parent Subdivision Equivalent Country Code
AD 02 Canillo parish  
AD 03 Encamp parish  
AD 04 La Massana parish  
AD 05 Ordino parish  
AD 06 Sant Julià de Lòria parish  
AD 07 Andorra la Vella parish  
AD 08 Escaldes-Engordany parish  
AE AJ 'Ajmān emirate  
AE AZ Abū Z̧aby [Abu Dhabi] emirate  
AE DU Dubayy [Dubai] emirate  
AE FU Al Fujayrah emirate  
AE RK Ra’s al Khaymah emirate  
AE SH Ash Shāriqah [Sharjah] emirate  
AE UQ Umm al Qaywayn emirate  
AF BAL Balkh province  
AF BAM Bāmyān province  
AF BDG Bādghīs province  
AF BDS Badakhshān province  
AF BGL Baghlān province  
AF DAY Dāykundi province  
AF FRA Farāh province  
AF FYB Fāryāb province  
AF GHA Ghaznī province  
AF GHO Ghōr province  
AF HEL Helmand province  
AF HER Herāt province  
AF JOW Jowzjān province  
AF KAB Kābul province  
AF KAN Kandahār province  
AF KAP Kāpīsā province  
AF KDZ Kunduz province  
AF KHO Khōst province  
AF KNR Kunar province  
AF LAG Laghmān province  
AF LOG Lōgar province  
AF NAN Nangarhār province  
AF NIM Nīmrōz province  
AF NUR Nūristān province  
AF PAN Panjshayr province  
AF PAR Parwān province  
AF PIA Paktiya province  
AF PKA Paktīkā province  
AF SAM Samangān province  
AF SAR Sar-e Pul province  
AF TAK Takhār province  
AF URU Uruzgān province  
AF WAR Wardak province  
AF ZAB Zābul province  
AG 03 Saint George parish  
AG 04 Saint John parish  
AG 05 Saint Mary parish  
AG 06 Saint Paul parish  
AG 07 Saint Peter parish  
AG 08 Saint Philip parish  
AG 10 Barbuda dependency  
AG 11 Redonda dependency  
AL 01 Berat county  
AL 02 Durrës county  
AL 03 Elbasan county  
AL 04 Fier county  
AL 05 Gjirokastër county  
AL 06 Korçë county  
AL 07 Kukës county  
AL 08 Lezhë county  
AL 09 Dibër county  
AL 10 Shkodër county  
AL 11 Tiranë county  
AL 12 Vlorë county  
AL BR Berat district Berat
AL BU Bulqizë district Dibër
AL DI Dibër district Dibër
AL DL Delvinë district Vlorë
AL DR Durrës district Durrës
AL DV Devoll district Korçë
AL EL Elbasan district Elbasan
AL ER Kolonjë district Korçë
AL FR Fier district Fier
AL GJ Gjirokastër district Gjirokastër
AL GR Gramsh district Elbasan
AL HA Has district Kukës
AL KA Kavajë district Tiranë
AL KB Kurbin district Lezhë
AL KC Kuçovë district Berat
AL KO Korçë district Korçë
AL KR Krujë district Durrës
AL KU Kukës district Kukës
AL LB Librazhd district Elbasan
AL LE Lezhë district Lezhë
AL LU Lushnjë district Fier
AL MK Mallakastër district Fier
AL MM Malësi e Madhe district Shkodër
AL MR Mirditë district Lezhë
AL MT Mat district Dibër
AL PG Pogradec district Korçë
AL PQ Peqin district Elbasan
AL PR Përmet district Gjirokastër
AL PU Pukë district Shkodër
AL SH Shkodër district Shkodër
AL SK Skrapar district Berat
AL SR Sarandë district Vlorë
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